Monday 21 December 2015

first visit to number76

Dropped by No.7 Mid Valley branch for a haircut yesterday~!

Finally get to try them out. Been wanting to do so in forever and finally got a chance because unlike the previous place I was staying, my place now doesn't have any saloons nearby which gives me good excuse to go there LOL

I made a last minute appointment so there was only a slot at 7pm.. So late wth (>a<) On the brighter side, they're open until 10pm so if you're busy during the day, you can drop by in the evening.

My stylist that day, Emily helped me trimmed my hair and bangs. There was another dude I don't know what's his name who helped wash my hair as I requested for the Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash. After washing he showed me the residues from my scalp and I freaked out.

This here.

Number76 Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

Freaking disgusting.

I have been having really oily scalp which seems to have gotten worse sometime early this year to the extend that my bangs always appear oily. So that explains why there are so much icky things on my head wtf ( XoX )

So I guess it was a good idea to do the Tansan because it helps clean the scalp. My hair do feel oil-free afterwards and today as well! I checked with the dude on how often can/must one do the Tansan and he recommended every 2-4 weeks.

(Update Jan 4th, 2016) It's been over two weeks since I did the Tansan service and it's awesome I tell you! My hair has been less oily! Before, it was very obvious when my hair becomes oily because it shows on my bangs :/ Totally recommended to do Number76's Tansan (and perhaps the other scalp treatments) if you have oily hair.

Because my hair is super oily, Emily advised me to do scalp treatment at home so I guess I need to start hunting at the hair care aisle in pharmacies.

This is my hair right after the haircut~

after haircut & tansan service at Number76

My hair today~~~


To be honest, I still look like the usual me wtf. Hmmmm... kinda super bored with my forever-the-same hairstyle...

I just learned that members can get their bangs trimmed for free! Yessss~~ Those with bangs will get it. It's a pain to wait till you wanna trim BOTH your bangs and hair. That's what I usually do anywaylah because my previous stylist will charge me RM10 just to trim 1.5cm off my bangs (=____=)

Aside from that, haircut for children under five FOC too (^o^/) #dunnowhythisalsoimexcited #justhappyforyouparentswithchildrenunderfive

Gifts from Number76 on my first visit_a planner, two RM10 vouchers and a membership card~~♡

2015-12-20 22.56.10.jpg

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