Monday 26 October 2015

Bio-Essence Snail Secretion Face Mask Review

Hello~! Today I'll be reviewing on my new favorite sheet mask, the Bio Essence Snail Secretion masks!

Bio-essence snail secretion masks

Snail masks have always been one of my must-try list of beauty products and it wasn't until months ago I got myself one. For one, snails' mucus are said to be rich with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants! Furthermore, it appears to be able to control acne and reduce scarring with frequent application.

I chose Bio-essence because its one of the few brands I can find in just the nearest pharmaceutical store. I have several other brands keep-in-viewed but now that I'm comfortable and loving this one, I'm just too lazy to try experiment on another wth.

Bio-essence masks

Let me digress for a bit, my classmate tried the TonyMoly snail mask _ because I asked her to give snail mucus mask a try_ and she loves it because it has a lifting effect. She didn't find much repairing result with just one-time use but then again her skin's pretty clear. Oh I'm envious!

Bio Essence actually recommend twice/thrice a week application of this mask for results but really, they are pricey at RM8.90 per sheet to be used that often (>ะด<) And oh, I don't know why the only sell by the sheet because I would rather if they come in a cheaper bundle, I really wouldn't mind buying a box! (Can Bio-essence consider this suggestion??)

Anyway, I applied it once a week and it took me the second sheet to see result! Definitely vouching for this one~!

Totally am impressed with the result, I soon find myself obsessing over the entire Bio-essence snail secretion range! When I saw the serum was on sale, I grab a bottle for myself without a second thought. OK, I hesitated a bit, it was a splurge. I've been using it for 2 weeks now. Give me some more time to experiment and I'll be happy to share more about it on another post☆-(≥vO)

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