Tuesday 10 November 2015

Embracing Minimalism

Of late I've been trying to clean up and get organized. I mean, of course I do that from time to time considering I'm someone with an OCD for cleanliness.

Nothing to extreme though! I've known people who are just way-y over the top about this issue but I rather practice moderation.

Anyway, I always find peace having a clean space but despite all the cleaning, the clutter remains. I find there are just too many things, material items that I don't find myself needing most of the time. At times it gets really frustrating and one time I find myself cleaning at 12am.

And so, I start asking myself what I can do though its mostly recycling clothes that are beyond wearing, trying to sell my unworn clothing (though unsuccessfully because I just don't know where to trade locally and apparently 2nd hand culture isn't something here...) and reduce my other 'harta benda' (material assets) a.k.a. 'sampah' (rubbish).

On my journey to a more organized life, I came across the term called "minimalism" which, apparently has been trending in recent years though still limited sources online.

Perhaps you have heard of Marie Kondo's best selling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" instead, there are more videos/bloggers/articles about it. Basically, it's a de-cluttering bible. I haven't read the book but would love to get my hands on it and see I could find new ideas to well, keep my things organized. IMO KonMari method sorta relates to minimalism for reason I'll be sharing shortly.

Here are what I learn:

From the term "Minimalism", I learn

1) Minimalism can be instilled in just every aspect of your life_from lifestyle, personal finance, attitude, life goals. The main purpose is to de-clutter to give you more time and energy to focus on things that really matters.

2) Transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle does not mean getting rid of everything but simply reducing to things that you find useful.

From articles I read on KonMari's book, I learn

1) To keep only items that "spark joy" to your life.

2) Assigning a particular space for all items and always return them to their rightful place.

Based on these ideas, I managed to reduce my things further and while it still feels like there are many things around, at least they have their own uses. It feels good too I don't feel too stress up with the need of reorganizing my things and cleaning up too often *phew*

I wanted to share what are the efforts I put to exercise minimalism in my life (besides the cleaning up bits) but this blog post is getting a bit too wordy so I'll leave it for the next blog post~! Thanks for reading!

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