Tuesday 17 November 2015

November OOTDs

Just noticed my last OOTDs post was 3 months ago! Things have been hectic here so I wasn't in the mood to snap photos (I'm obviously not a selfie person LOL). While I still go shopping, there are clothes I didn't have the time to alter.. #shortpeopleproblem

Anyway, here are some of my usual looks~

#1 Mango Boho top, belt from Forever 21, Boho clutch with tassel from Bershka, necklace, belt and my old pair of denim shorts

This was taken few months ago when I just cut my hair. I left it to the hairdresser and she cut them too short I wanted to cry (T__T)


That aside, I have many things I love in this coordinate. Firstly, I SUPER LOVE the designs of the top!! When I first saw it displayed on the mannequin at Mango, I knew I had to get it! Though I hesitated because it was pricey but luckily I found the last piece of my size on sale in another Mango branch.

Also, the accessories I wore here are some of my favorites too! Loving the boho-ish clutch and earrings! The earrings are not visible, so here's a close up~


#2 Padini lace-details top, Seed by Padini denim jeans and lace choker

To add more mix and match options to my wardrobe, I purchased a pair of jeans, my first in years! Truthfully, jeans aren't really my thing because I find it restricts movement (even so, I wasn't a fan of the skinny/legging jeans which are more stretchy..) and I feel I sweat a lot in jeans wth.

Anyway yeah, I have a change of heart though I still got something stretchy so it's feels more comfy.


#3 Final OOTD shot for this post is this monochrome dress from an online boutique and Taobao belt (old)

Loving the prints though I find the dress is not well made and I think it makes me look fat... (>Д<) LOL


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