Tuesday 8 December 2015

another new chapter of my life

It was a busy month last month. I resigned, moved and started working in another company in that order and boy, the whole thing was overwhelming.

The change is welcoming though now I’m still trying to adapt to my new routine so some things related to blogging like my OOTDs post, or even going for round two of laser surgery may be my second priority, I don’t know.

To make the whole moving process easier, I hired a mover and both my siblings were there to help which I’m really grateful for. Also, I’m glad I’ve been minimalizing my stuff (Read more about it here and here){link & link} so packing was a bit easier.

Moving day~

i moved, again!

My things are still in boxes, in the luggage, everywhere and all so they’re driving me nuts because I need to dig them up when I want to use them then put them back because I still don’t have enough space on my own*rolls eyes* Even my work desk is littered with foodstuff and utensils (I haven’t got an extra cupboard to place them) so trying to study is a headache…

I probably need to get some utensils and start cooking again because food here in my new place is rather pricey and unbalanced. I’ve been lacking of greens and one time, I had maggi for dinner four times in a week (T___T) Feeling so frigging unhealthy!

On the brighter side, there are lotsa stuff I like about my new place, the whole getting out of usual routine and my new workplace.

Things may get a bit hectic in a while as I’m still trying to get use to well, everything though I will still try to blog whenever I can.

Wish me luck~!

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