Thursday 24 December 2015

Innisfree Haul: It's Real Squeeze Masks & Eco Nail Color PRO Review

Happy Holidays, people!

Taking the chance to post yet another review~ I was planning on writing other reviews first but decided to skip them and get straight to introducing some of the products I've gotten from Innisfee just last month (*^○^*)

Innisfree has just open its third branch in Malaysia at Pavillion just weeks ago. There are other two branches are based in Petaling Jaya, if I'm not mistaken though getting to those places are not really convenient for me so I haven't shopped at Innisfree before. Having heard tons about this brand, I decided I must drop by to check out their products.

Ended up buying some stuff yayyy (*^o^*)v

me & my Innisfree haul

My first purchases from Innisfree is the Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks which retails at RM4 per sheet and the Eco Nail Color PRO nail polish in #133, priced at RM10 per bottle.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks & Eco Nail Color PRO

So far, for the masks, I have tried the Green Tea, Bija and pomegranate masks and love how moisturizing they are! On a scale of 10 for their moisturizing level, I'm definitely goving the full score!

Apart from that, I didn't notice any other significant results. Also, for a mask that claims to be 'real squeeze', the scents tell otherwise... Nevertheless, I would definitely restocked on these because the masks sheets are thin and comfortable, the kind I like.

For the nail polish, I opted for a pearly tone, a shade I don't have among my collection of nail polish yet.

Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO #133Super love the pearly white color (^∇^)~♡ I actually wanted to wear it for my company's coming Christmas celebration which was last week but had no nail polish remover to clean the colors I've tested fml (=___=)

I noticed that Innisfree has quite a selection of pretty nail polishes. Check them out↓

Innisfree ECO Nail Color PRO

Tried several colors and found a milk coffee color I likeyy~~♡

Innisfree's Nail Color

The photo isn't doing it any justice but IMO the real deal is of a very elegant color that is suitable to be worn for classy functions at the same time super otona and Mode so suitable for work. I've tried several pastel brown shades from The Face Shop and other brands but they didn't give off the same feeling, if you know what I mean.

Love it lots though I didn't buy it because I have another almost similar shade from OPI.

Since it was the opening month, with my purchase, I received an Innisfree membership card and samples from their Best Loved Collection which includes Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, The Green Tea Seed Serum and Orchid Enriched Cream.

Innisfree membership card

Innisfree's Best Loved Collection

I have tried them all and especially love their clay mask and serum.

Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

The former because my skin and pores feel tight afterwards. It has a super thick texture and it took me quite some effort to dig them out with my fingers. Still, thanks to the texture, I find it really easy to spread onto my face evenly and not having to worry about it dripping off my face. While waiting for it to dry off, I could feel the cooling effect.

Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Serum

Super love the serum because of the sweet scent! (which is not the sickening type, I don't know how to describe..)

Innisfree's Orchid Enriched Cream

Compare to the serum, the scent is pretty mild.

To be fair, I wouldn't comment much about the effectiveness of the serum and the cream because I think it may require longer period of application before any results are visible. I would definitely want to purchase them to try them out nevertheless. Well, next time surely!

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