Wednesday 17 August 2022

Makan vlog | The Coffee Academy, Yarl, Absolute Thai & Cafe Kleptokrat

Back with another makan vlog~

This time it's a compilation of the restaurants and cafes around Kuala Lumpur where I was dining at the past weeks. I tried drip coffee at The Coffee Academy. The quality of their coffee is amazing, they really got the skills! That day I tried the Colombia Exotic Jairo Arcila, the name wahlaowei. Anyways, it has a strong florally scent with moderate flavor which I like. I usually don't take black coffee without sugar but this is amazing on its own! Besides this, I think they also serve quite interesting options on their menu and I'm excited to go back and give a try. 

One interesting place I tried on my friends recommendation is an "authentic northern Sri Lankan cuisine" called Yarl in Bricksfield. We had the vegetarian (I think!) lunch set which is rice and four choice of dishes tho we added another small bowl of curry chicken. Of course I want my masala chai. Been craving for it! And oh, the apam is really interesting but pricey at RM5.50 per plate. Another time we went for Thai food (tom yum!) at Absolute Thai. That's why Malaysia be like a food haven, we have so many nice makan places! 

Finally in this video, I feature Cafe Kleptokrat, known for its aesthetic poolside dining. I ordered Lontong Kering Pakcik Alam which I think is so-so but the fried glass noodles is so good! For drinks I have Lychee in My Eyes which is milk + espresso + lychee, a newly launched item on their menu and cempedak cheese cake. These I enjoyed very muchy! IDKY but the combo works.


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