Saturday 26 March 2022

making charcuterie 🧀 board, thrift shopping,, got my booster 💉


Hello! Just got back from content making break and catching up with procrastinated contents. These shots were taken back in mid January 2022 😬 Decided to take a break and just chillax the past weeks.

I tried making charcuterie board thanks to the whole Otakoyakisoba's Carchoochie saga on TikTok LOL. After coming up with quite a nice combo of cheese board, I got obsessed and tried several different types and brands of cheese which are available in the supermarket. Some of my favs are Kerrygold's Red Cheddar, Paysan Breton Le Camembert Cheese and Frico Smoked Cheese. Can't wait to try others! I'm especially interested to find another camembert that could rival Paysan Bretton's or any other yummy cheeses really

There are just so many options for foodstuff that it is hard to run out of ideas! Like even there are many different convenient stores or specialty stores like MIX.COM.MY that I just noticed in January. But then I found out they have so many branches all over town and even back at my hometown. I wonder what else I've been missing wth.

You can see from my vid I did some quick shopping at the MIX.COM.MY branch in Bukit Bintang after thrifting in Sungai Wang Plaza.

I still have several videos from past months and new one for this month. Hoping I have spare energy to edit them all *fingers crossed*. Aside from time, it's really bc the prolonged extra cautiousness that I've been doing are wearing me out besides the crazy going ons worldwide. Hoping things will be much better and everyone else is holding up too.

Anyways, appreciate you taking your time to check out my videos! 

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