Saturday 30 April 2022

NUDE The Zero Waste Store & thrifting at 2nd Street in SS2


Hello again~! My creative juice is flowing and adventurous side is pumped up as SOP are loosening. Somehow that do affect my mood. Of course I'm still trying to be careful and all. Anyways, in this video I'll be showing you around two shops in SS2 called NUDE The Zero Waste Store and 2nd Street.

NUDE The Zero Waste Store is one of the pioneer Zero Waste store in KL. Like most ZW shops, they sell sustainable goods besides the additional option to refill your household products and foodstuff without packaging. Which is an amazing idea! Definitely hope there are more places like this in most neighbourhoods.

I finally needed to restock some soap and dish bar and decided to finally check the place out. Also, I found out from their IG they carry Zenboocha's kombucha which I was curious about. I tried kombucha once and didn't fancy but thought of giving another go. It was so-o good that after that I kept looking out for kombucha at convenience store to try!

The other shop, 2nd STREET is a bundle aka thrift stores which also sells preloved luxury fashion such as Coach, Gucci, Marc Jacobs. I came across this on my IG page and have been wanting to check them out. Aside from the branch in SS2, they too have another larger one in Bandar Utama. I have yet to check them out but it appears to have a larger selection.

The 2nd STREET in SS2 carries a lot of tees and pants. So go check them out if these are what you're looking for. I found quite a number of decent looking and fashionable ones. The place easily topped my list of bundles or thrift stores in KL with the better display, more option and better quality products.

Other thrift stores in KL that I like includes Kedai Bless and ReFASH. Of course, Carousell is also an amazing place to find well-maintained preloved items. I have better luck finding what I prefer (dresses, skirts, blouses, etc) there though I am more of a seller than a buyer on the app LOL

Do check my vid out and tell me what y'all think! *wink*

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