Sunday 24 April 2022

MyTown BookXcess & Tropicana Gardens Mall Starbucks Reserve 🌟☕😌 | weekend vlog 🇲🇾

Hello! Bringing y'all along as I explore MyTown Cheras' BookXCess and Tropicana Gardens Mall's Starbucks Reserve on one of my weekend early this month~

I have heard of the BookXCess being the largest of its outlets in Malaysia and I have came across many photos of the place on social media that I decided it's time to check it out LOL. The ambience is lovely making books browsing quite an experience! 

I also LOVE that they have a cafe and restaurant in the vicinity. There were also many nooks to check out the books but I do wonder if they're mainly for the 'gram because it's not like we can browse (as in read) there! If only there's a rental section, you will totally find me there often HAHAHAHA. New business model suggestion to the BookXCess team LOL.

Still, I did wish I was there earlier to enjoy the coffee, cake and maybe read an entire book! Loving the place much!

The next day, a Sunday, I also enjoyed a nice coffee break with a friend at Tropicana Gardens Mall's Starbucks Reserve~ Decided to check the place out again after hearing of it. The place was impressive because of the size and they do offer specialty blends that are not available in their usual outlets. I especially appreciate that they have spacious outdoor seating so we could just chillax. 

The weather was sunny but the shade plus with the wind blowing every now and then we were very comfortable outside. I missed the outdoorsy stuff. Somehow with all the lockdown, indoor-sy can feel a bit suffocating and fearful.

As I'm posting this, I already have been exploring several places and the videos are still in my drafts. I've been going out a lot more in April and so my drafts keep pilling up even though I try to clear them (O____O;) Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the video!


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