Sunday 5 June 2022

everything i ate during the 5 days I balik kampung


Documenting everything i ate during the 5 days I balik kampung. Proudly a Penangite-Kedahan because identifying only as either is too basic 🤣 Actually saying you're a Penangite sounds cooler 🤪 That said, the places shown are in both the northern states. 

I'm a Malaysian Chinese so some food are obviously non-halal (duh!). Malaysia is such a diverse community that the choices of food are endless! #bless But so much that we can get so indecisive at times hahaha

This time round we took the chance to stuff ourselves since bro is back from Singapore IYKYK which is why we splurged a bit more. Still tons of places unvisited! At the end of my trip, 5 days felt too short (T____T)  ...which is why I'm going back again HAHAHA This year is probably the year I've returned the most in many years. I usually only do once or twice max. Oh what the pandemic has made me missed.

Curious what about others? Where are your must makan when you balik kampung?

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