Sunday 22 May 2022

long weekend vlog: Publika, Maison des Pains, The Bread Bar & Craft Origin


This is a bit of the sequel to my last video (see my last blog post here) from the long Labour's Day-Raya weekend. I've still got another video before wrapping that weekend off hahahahah. 

Like many who are very done with getting stuck at home, I took the chance of the loosening SOP and long weekend to finally reconnect with friends face-to-face and catching up with places I want to go! That weekend I went window-shopping at Publika and on another day, cafe-hopping between The Bread Bar and Craft Origin at TTDI ☕🥖🥐 Friends and I were not done catching up but The Bread Bar has a time limit of 1.5hours to cater for their lines of customers. Thankfully it's TTDI and there are many cafes to hop around!

It was a good idea to go there for brunch as the wait list kept growing. Even though I was early, I was still 3rd or 4th in line. Would recommend trying their bread and truffle butter. 

Lemon mousse long black was pretty interesting. Sounds like an odd combination but it tasted alright. I guess it's almost similar to the TikTok trend of adding a shot of espresso to orange juice? I wanted to try that hahaha

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