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looking back & rating all the hair dyes I've used in 2021

2021 has been a colorful year despite Covid19. But then again, it is only possible because of the whole WFH and lockdown that I could try different hair colors in the first place! Also because of boredom from staying in for too long...

Without further ado, jumping right in!

#1 L'oreal Excellence Fashion

Starting off with the first hair dye I made a video review and it blew up! My best performing video for the first year and still a top video *touched*

Color(s) I tried: 10.11 Crystal Ash (Shopee MY)

Texture: Watery cream

Application: 7/10 doesn't harden, easy to apply

Smell: 1/10 Not obvious until my second bottle. Bearable.

Messiness: 4/10 Very messy, drips all over arms

Color turnout on dark hair: 2/10 (I guess you still need to bleach beforehand)

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: Unsure

Evenness of color: 7/10

Hair health post-dyeing: 9/10 Hair remains healthy, non-dry and super soft!

#2 Mise En Scene's 

Perfect Color (Blackpink edition)

This is another range from Mise En Scene that I bought directly from a Shopee seller from Korea. This Perfect Color lineup is more otona aka mature and with it lesser 'adventurous' colors compared to the Hello Bubble rangeVideo review here

I tried it prior to bleaching my hair to see if I like going bright or lighter. After all, it has been years since I bleached my hair and the first experience wasn't a good one. Though I'd say now I'm better at taking care of my bleached hair and already loving the whole ash tones!

Color(s) I tried: 9N Sand Brown (Shopee MY)

Texture: Cream

Application: 9/10 easy to apply, doesn't harden

Smell: 1/10 No discomforting chemical smell. Do NOT sniff directly from bottle though!

Messiness: 1/10 No drippy mess

Color turnout on dark hair: 8/10 Very bright but different from box/online

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: Unsure but possibly very bright

Evenness of color: 5/10 Obviously uneven

Hair health post-dyeing: 9/10 Hair remains healthy, non-dry and super soft!


The next products are from eZn Malaysia, who have sponsored the eZn Creamy Hair Bleach, eZn Pudding Hair Color and Dr.BokGoo's Perfect Set. Get them on Shopee MY. I also made a video reviewing both products.

I'm no stranger to dyeing my own hair but this is the first time I bleached my own hair. The first time I did this, I got the products sponsored. But I returned and bought the bleach again because I think this is a 'manageable' bleach. I'm saying this because from the reviews I watch online, depending on the strength of the bleach, you will get uneven tons. Unless you're a pro or know someone who can help you, a lot of time that's the caselah

However, I noticed with eZn bleach, it will not go past the orange level. I've tried leaving the bleach for an hour (past the recommended 30 minutes max) and most of my hair stayed orange except for one two odd strands that become yellow IDK why. Then even after I bleach a second round (the first time), the result is still orange. This is why I'm confident if I use it to retouch, I won't get layers of colors at the roots.

VERDICT? So yes, this eZn bleach is great up to the orange level or the beginner DIY hair bleach. If you want to go yellow or platinum blonde, didn't work for me. But from orange, you can get nice ashy brown with purple shampoo.

eZn Malaysia

#3 eZn Creamy Hair Bleach

Texture: Creamy

Application: 8/1 (easy to spread on hair)

Smell: 8/10 (no obvious chemical smell)

Messiness: 1/10 (non-messy, could do without cape BUT wear a tee you don't mind messing. I wore a white tee so have no idea if it will stain/bleach color tee) 

Color turnout on dark hair: 8/10 (bleaches to orangey-yellow, not platinum blonde as shown on box despite leaving on a long time. Takes more than 30 minutes to bleach)

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: N/A

Evenness of color: 8/10 (just didn't turn out as box but orange-y)

Hair health post-dyeing: 6/10 (very dry but expected with bleaching. Need post-bleaching hair care)

#4 eZn Pudding Hair Color

eZn Malaysia

Color(s) I tried: Truffle Mushroom Blond (Smoky Ash) (Shopee MY)

Texture: Pudding

Application: 7/10 (easy to spread, doesn't harden fast but do harden slightly after letting it sit for awhile)

Smell: 9/10

Messiness: 7/10 (does get on arms and legs) 

Color turnout on dark hair: Unsure 

Color turnout on light or bleached hair: 9/10 (very pretty! color is nicer on bleached hair)

Evenness of color: 9/10 (one of the best, I use my own comb btw)

Hair health post-dyeing: 7/10

After using the two, I noticed my scalp were slightly dry from the appearance of some dandruff. Thankfully, it's like only a handful of tiny dried skin and it was resolved in a week so it didn't bug me much. Of course, I was worried about my hair/scalp condition from dyeing my hair so frequently. And so post-bleaching, I did extra effort by conditioning my hair when I wash my hair. Equally as important, I did treatment/conditioning whenever I was my hair prior (I don't wash daily like pre-lockdown) to bleaching to 'prepare' my hair.

As of now my roots are overgrown once again but I'm deciding what color is next. Should I bleach orange or go straight to yellow? Whole head or partial? What style? Even coloring hair takes so much into considerations LOL

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