Sunday 4 November 2018

thrifting in KL & donating my preloved at Kedai Bless

I have known that donating unwanted clothes to the needy is one, but you can contribute more to charity especially at Kedai Bless. Your still useful but unused items from clothes, shoes, books and even furnitures can be donated which will then be resell by Kedai Bless to earn money to feed the homeless, Myanmar refugee children, the orang asli and more besides the operation costs of the store.

Do note that you will NOT be paid for the items you have donated. So donate with an open mind and heart! At Kedai Bless, they accept donations of still wearable clothes & accessories, books, even furniture which will be ship to their warehouse in Ara Damansara. Read up more info about Kedai Bless on their website or drop by to check!

Pre-loved books sold at Kedai Bless in 1 Utama~~


Kedai Bless @ 1 Utama

To get here, take the escalator beside Old Navy (close to Body Shop/Uniqlo/Bershka) in the new wing heading down towards the car park basement and you won't miss Kedai Bless at the right. Don't forget to check out the promo bins outside which hold clothes sold at Rm5 for 3 pieces!

Here are some of the pieces that caught my attention. From top left, a checkered jacket which is back on trend of late, a super nice quality outer and an unworn Uniqlo sweater.

I kinda regretted and not yet over the fact that I didn't manage to get the jacket on the right. I'm actually a sucker for outerwear and with the price at Rm20 after 50%, I totally would not mind adding this into my collection. The weather these days been so cold, it's such a perfect time to wear outerwear especially at my office where the air-conditioning is blasted so high even on a cold, rainy days. Even the malls can get freezing cold! 

Still mourning over my loss as I'm writing this post FML Actually everything in this photo are gone when I revisit the place to donate my stuff.


Kedai Bless @ Mid Valley Mall

The Mid Valley branch is accessible from the center court where you have to take the escalator beside Speedy to the lower car park floor. Took me awhile to find the place 'cause I almost always take the train to MV! Found out there are much prettier finds here so I am glad I checked the place out.

Some of the pretty dresses I found! The middle one is from DKNY!

Dug this decent piece from DoubleWoot! *whistle*

I find this one giving a picnic-y, vintage-y vibe. Not bad!

Lookie what I found_ a Missioni knock off lol! Like who hasn't watch Crazy Rich Asians by now? BTW, Missioni fans don't be offended. I'm not saying the dress is 100% lookalike as the one worn but somewhat the same style with the vertical color-blocks. Just a disclaimer 'cause these days people can get so sensitive!

And if that isn't enough, I found some other glam pieces!

The one on the left is quite extra, with the shiny gold fabric but perfect for date night or an event. It's definitely not something I'd want to spend a lot of money for but for under Rm30 (I'm not sure, didn't check the price but dresses at Kedai Bless are typically Rm40-60 before the 50% discount) I wouldn't mind getting it! I didn't get anything because I am trying not to shop until I am done cleaning up, so if you see anything you like which I posted from my blog, go grab them hahaha

That's it for my post today! I have yet another thrift store to recommend to y'all but that's on another day. Meanwhile, keep calm, declutter, donate and thrift shop at Kedai Bless!

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