Sunday 8 July 2018

my first Hermo Malaysia Hauls

Today's post is on my recent Hermo hauls which just arrived! I ordered them last weekend but it took awhile to get to me. Like, six days. My usual expectation when it comes to online shopping is that my haul will arrive in one or two working day. That are usually the case with my other online purchaseslah. Unless I'm shopping from Lazada or Shopee, can take up to a month or two to arrive! The whole wait is no fun.

Only after making the orders did I realized that if  I had subscribed to Hermo's newsletters, I could have gotten RM15 off my first haul! Sigh, wasted! Sharing with y'all so you don't miss out on that promotion!

You probably have known that I'm trying to live the minimalist lifestyle, so I had to think twice, thrice (many times really!) before making this huge purchase from Hermo. The Hada Labo's toner and moisturizer are a must-have because my current beauty products just ran out! Besides that, I'm starting to need sunblock because well, I've been tanned a little too much lately. I am starting to feel annoyed because my tan takes months to heal and during the period I don't look good. The rest are really things I want and partially need. 

After  a whole lots of contemplation, comparing prices and reading reviews, I decided to purchase these items:-

#1 Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA)
Hydrating Premium Lotion

I purchased this only because I have to and at the same time Hermo was having a promotion where you can purchase 2 bottles of Hada Labo's premium lotion of your choice for just RM84.91! Quite a steal if you want to stretch your Ringgit!

Initially, I wanted to choose the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Premium lotion AND the Retinol Lifting & Firming Milk as my second bottle but they ran out of it so I had no choice but to purchase both SHA Hydrating Premium Lotion. Still, I can't wait to try it!

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: RM65.94 N.P. for a 170ml bottle 
Hermo price: RM84.91 for 2 170ml Bottles, N.P. 56.05 for a 170ml bottle

#2 Hada Labo
Retinol Lifting & Firming Cream

To compliment the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Premium Lotion, I chose the Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Cream.

Apparently, this range is advised for women above 30 years old, but I really want to try! Of late, I'm obsessed with anti-aging products not because I'm seeing any but I want to maintain my looks. Damn vain hahahaha!

By the way, in case you're the kind of person who wants to keep your skin care regime simple, you can try the Hada Labo's 3D Perfect Gel which is cream, milk, essence, emulsion and sleeping mask all in a single tube! I haven't tried this myself because I purchased so many items already, perhaps next time! If you have tried, tell me how it went.

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: RM74.43 N.P. for a 50g tube
Hermo price: Bought for RM74.43, N.P. RM78.90 for a 50g tube


This time I actually bought some makeup products! I usually avoid purchasing them because I already have them but don't usually wear them but this year I find that I needed the primer and setting spray since I always have issues with my makeup not lasting long enough! I thought it was because I don't apply powder throughout the day until I read about primers and setting sprays. In fact, I just noticed brands like Maybelline and Rimmel started selling setting sprays off the rack which piques my interest!

Of late, I have also been obsessing over neutral color eye shadows such as shades of browns, pinks, and olive! Perhaps I should get a nude palette next and some reds or oranges, if I actually end up using this a lot HAHAHAHA! Gotta be more rajin to apply eyeshadow now. Most of what I have now are shades of purples and one shimmery nude ones. I wanted something creamy and matte which I can use for my everyday makeup.

#3 Sunplay Watery Cool Mist 
SPF 75 PA++

I find myself going under the sun a lot of late, even getting sunburnt in Cameron Highlands just when I'm starting to recover from my Bali-Nusa Islands-Singapore tan! Because of that, I have one hell of a tan right not, it's so hard to get rid of it OMG! I must have sported the tan for so long when I told my friends about it, they remarked I look like the usual me...

Lesson learnt, I decided to go look for sunblocks. I already have one which didn't seem to work so much and is about to finish so time to shop for a new one. So happen Hermo is having sale for this sunblock spray which was why I decided to include it into my purchase #Cheapo I wanted the 150spf ones but let me just experiment with this first!

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: RM55.56 in 150ml spray can
Hermo price: Purchased at RM24.53, N.P. RM57.90 in 150ml spray can

#4 NYX Angel Veil 
Skin Perfecting Primer

I'm a bit worried because I couldn't try this before purchasing. That is because a lot of primer I tested in the drug store and makeup counters are so oily! It doesn't help that my face is the combination type and gets oily at the end of the day. I haven't tried this yet but crossing my fingers this doesn't disappoint!

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: N/A
Hermo price: RM45.28 N.P.

#5 NYX Makeup Setting Spray 
in Dewy

This comes in options of Matte or Dewy. I always wanted to try the dewy (not oily!) makeup look and the reviews I have read mentioned this compliments all skin type which was why I decided to purchase this. Again, you will most probably see my review on this once I tested this!

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: N/A
Hermo price: RM40.57 N.P.

#6 Chriszen Cleansing Water 
Face Makeup Remover

My sis asked recently, how do I remove makeup? I told her I just used my cleanser and don't usually wear one, probably to her horror.  Or not.

Finally decided to purchase the face makeup remover as my all-in-one remover. I don't see the need to purchase the face and lip/eye remover separately. If people tell me, "it's because the eye & lip ones are gentler," I probably won't believe them. Because I have tried several brands (years ago) which claims to be gentle but hurts my eyes like crazy when it accidentally sipped into my eyes! Such traumatizing memories...

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: N/A
Hermo price: Purchased at RM13.11 , RM13.90 NP

#7 Solone Classic Eyeshadow Kit 
in #02 Fascinating Love

Been wanting a new eyeshadow in olive-green for ages! Recently, I'm all for neutral colors such as shades of browns (grey-brown!), mauve, olive, red and orange eyeshadows! With the upcoming events and weddings I will need to attend, I finally have a reason to buy this. Now that I bought this, I also need to be more hardworking in applying eyeshadow. 

Alright, so I read the review saying that the palette is about 11cm and thought it will be huge.  Too lazy to find a ruler LOL! Turns out to be fun size like myselfloh.

Watsons & Guardian Retail Price: N/A
Hermo price: Purchased at RM69.90, N.P. RM74.09

I was actually contemplating between this Solone Classic Eyeshadow Kit versus Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit which you can find in Watsons for RM65.94

The latter is slightly bigger in size compare to Solone's (Initially I thought they will be the same size!) yet at the same time cheaper! Though I do think the kit is too bulky to carry around and with the size of that thing, it will take forever (no kidding!) for me to finish the palette (I have yet to finish any eyeshadow palette I own). Not to mention, this makes good self-defense weapon. 

The other difference is that Solone came in 8 different shades compare to Mont Blanc which has 6 larger eyeshadow pans.


These are why it is so expensive being a lady! I think my most worthwhile purchase are the Hada Labo's premium lotion and sunblock spray which I save an average of more than RM10/item compare to if I buy them in the pharmaceutical stores!! In the contrary, the NYX purchases are quite a splurge! I wanted to get the NYX primer & stay spray when Hermo has them on sales but I really need them soon so had to purchase anyway. Oh well, all these stuff will probably last me a year, more if I start feeling lazy to use them HAHAHAHA!

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