Monday 17 September 2018

Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve, Jalan Merbah 10/1, Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Just last weekend, BFF and I were taking a stroll in the Kota Damansara Community Forest  (KDCF) Reserve, a place we recently discovered from the many articles that popped up on Facebook. We love doing hikes and stuff but only once in a while have the luxury of time to meet up and take a stroll. A lot of these amazing hiking spots are quite a drive away and that meant that I had to rely on friends, not many are nature enthusiast, sadly!

Thankfully, KDCF is simply under 30 minutes away drive, we were actually surprise such a hiking spot can be found so close in the city! And it is so beautiful!

The lake, whether man made of natural, is the first thing that greeted us. While this lake may appear just like any other lakes in Malaysia, I find it enchanting. There are dead trunks sticking out in the water (mangrove-kinda species, maybe!) and it somewhat remind me of the photos I've seen of Aoi Ike, the Blue Lake of Hokkaido. Because it isn't blue, I call this the Malaysia's version of Green Lake LOL!

IDK why but just feel like posting this 'iconic' tree twice.

After tons of photos by the lake, we are finally ready to do some hike! The trails were wide enough for one to walk comfortably and there are more even trails for bikes if you love mountain (or in this case, bukit) biking. The trails were well taken care of, we came across a guy, not sure volunteer or part of this KDCF community member, clearing the pathways from fallen leaves. Apparently, there are even "Community Dogs" cared by the KDCF Society. Pretty cool!

Only after our walk along the shorter Salleh Trail did we discovered there were multiple longer trails leading around KDCF. We decided to venture Temuan Trail then the Sahabat Trail and back via Serenity Trail.

At times, I was creeped out by how quiet and eerie the trails can get. Though every now and then, you hear the sound of traffic and the distant azan which was comforting. Reminds me that civilization isn't far away hahahaha. That was another reason why I chose this spot _ my goal was to reached the peak which overlooks Kota Damansara. I think it is really cool how you can have a view the city from the peak. 

Unfortunately for us, that didn't happen. We found warnings and even "No Entry" tapes at one of the trail leading to the peak. I do think it is still possible to get up there since you can opt to take the Unity Peak trail but since we already took quite a detour from the start which meant having spent hours in KDCF, we were tired.


After the mini escapade, it dawned to me how I miss being with nature and I really, really, really wanna do this more often! This will be like the caption for my very first photo in this post hahahaha.

Of course, I've been to Shah Alam Botanical Garden and Cameron Highlands this year and Putrajaya last year but I really wish I can do this more often! I haven't been on any islands in the East Cost of Malaysia such as Redang, Tioman and Perhentian Islands! *sigh* Anyways, I came up with a list of parks, forest reserves where I want to hike and even islands I want to explore #goals

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