Monday 20 February 2012

Makan trip with bro (part I)

Introducing my bro to all the awesome food around my uni~ Here's something from the the night before yesterday and yesterday


Bro's supper last night: Square chicken-sth pizza from Buddyz Restaurant

~  ~

Lunch yesterday for the cafeteria's Arabian Corner. Mine cost a frigging RM10 (,>.<,'')

~  ~

Dinner's at Hokkaido Ichiban in The Gardens Mall! Awesome place!

Here's what we ordered~

My brother's choice~ tempura ebi with curry rice, which was not bad but I think the curry rice from the bento the Japanese Society in my uni made last year for the bento event was wayyyyy nicer. Too bad they didn't have tempura prawn ;P

And my choice!! Turkey ham with cheese okonomiyaki. I love okonomiyaki and this one taste really good~

And for dessert_ ice cream!! I recommended the Niagara Fall Sherbet(all time favourite) and Kuro Goma(Black Sesame) flavours!!

(,T~T,)   <-- brother crying tears of joy after trying the okonomiyaki and ice cream. ROFL!!


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  1. Thankx for ur post! Keep up the good job and have a great aloha week!! ^_^ I love korean and Japanese food, since I am both. But soo yummy ur photos!! LOL


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