Saturday 25 February 2012

Makan trip with bro(Part III)

Lunch at a newly opened fish head noodles kopitiam(I forgot the name) in Semenyih town. We've been wanting to try the fish head noodles here since a number of friends had recommended this place. So I actually implored my housemates to wait till my bro comes down for a visit before trying it out. Went there like 2 days ago(?)

I decided on... fish head noodles-lah. No prizes for guessing it right ;P

This one's my bro's_fish head noodles cooked with XO. I think it's either Chinese wine or other cooking wine... Bro's face literally turned red eating this. LOL. He can't take alcohol without having his face turn red.

In the photo below_ 2 pairs of chopsticks. That's my friend messing around while I was trying to take a shot.

The verdict? So-so only. I've tried better ones from my hometown. And this one cost us a bomb! Mine was like RM7-sth already. I think my bro's RM10 or so? Can't remember.

~ ♥ ~

7 Wonders Restaurant who's famous for their home made ramen which was also featured by local food review channel, Ho Chiak! They serve Japanese food with a mixture of local flavors.

Here's my bro's and my all time favorite_Malak Ramen. 'Malak' means spicy, thus explains the thick, reddish gravy which I think, looks like a volcano lava. And yeah, it's as spicy as it looks. If you're a fan of spicy food, this is so-o-o for you. My bro calls this ramen legendary. LOL.

And no, his face didn't turn red at all from eating this. He even finished the entire bowl!

Once again, I've decided to try something different since I actually had Malak Ramen the last time(the week before this trip) with my housemate already. Yeah, I love the ramen!! So walaaa~ Black pepper udon! It tastes awesome! My brother loves this as much and kept eating off my plate.

Celaka!  ''(,=.=,')'

After dinner, we dropped by another restaurant right opposite 7 Wonders to grab some Taiwan(I reckon) dessert.

Mine's err... lotus seeds-white fungus-something. It's sweet and just nice~

Ginger-sweet potatoes-something dessert. Gahhh!! I forgot the names already!! Gomen ne! (,>.<,)

This one tasted ginger-ly kinda spicy. Not a bad choice but my bro decided to down what's left of mine after finishing his.

Ps, Both the restaurants are just less than 10 minutes walking distance from Kajang KTM v(^v^),

Want more recommendation for good restaurants near Kajang KTM? See also 21st Century (club house-restaurant) for this post.

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