Sunday 19 February 2012

Polaroid photos~

Just this evening my sister dropped by to fetch my bro over at my place. She actually got herself an instax mini camera and she insisted on getting several photos. Here's how they look like~


OMG! Love her camera so much~!!

Me looking crappy in my comfy tshirt which reads "it's not cheating if no one knows". LOL. Just woke up from my afternoon nap. Been so tired lately from the lack of sleep in the past weeks. Been spending all day in the uni lab trying to get my project done. My research papers just keep piling up. Expecting to produce more results next week, hopefully (,QAQ,)

My bro will be spending some time with me for a couple of days(yayy!!) but he'll have to bear with me and spend the entire day in the lab~ Such a pity...,(TvT,) Will bring him to explore all the good places to eat in Semenyih. And of course, he's paying (,^v^)v

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