Tuesday 14 February 2012

Mah Nails today~

Some of my nail hauls just arrived today~ This time it's rhinestones and some FIMO♥ Will post them sometime later. I was really expecting the brushes and other tools to arrive but they didn't :(

My housemates were like, "You got yourself V-day gifts? Forever alone-lah u".

They just happen to be arriving then mah, I retorted (,=3=,)

Anyway, spent my entire V-day in the uni lab and only got like a small bar of KitKat from one of my housemates. LOL. Better than nothing. And I got my new toys and I've got some progress with my work so I'm happy. Going to spend the entire week in lab for the next few weeks more.

With that said, here's my nails today. Nothing elaborate for V-day.

Gomen ne.... (,>.<,)

Just a sheer nude color with simple rhinestones arrangement.

Zooming into the thumb. I've arranged the 2mm square rhinestones into the shape of a heart.

Hope you guys like this. And have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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