Saturday 4 February 2012

Cosplay stuff

All the cosmetics used in my previous cosplay during Comic Fiesta 2011. Applying them all take a frigging 30-40 minutes. Yeah, cosplaying is a serious business.

I got myself these from Coastal Scents contour palette and dual eye-shadow and a contour brush.

Other cosplay must-haves_fake lashes and contact lenses.

This is how I look like after putting on a lil' makeup. I didn't want to get the foundation too caked up since I had a horrible pimple outbreak then.

Just playing around with Gimp. I used 'heal' brush and the 'smudge' brush. Then sharpen the eyes and lip part. Overly gimp-ed. Oh well, my first time~

And oh~ my cosplay character was Yin from the manga/anime Darker than Black (>vO)


  1. first attempt with GIMP? not bad!

  2. heya~! long time no c~ n thanks! any advice to make it better?

  3. sorry im more of a landscape person so quite inexperienced with portraits XD. im not even that good to begin with

  4. Too bad (>.<) Hey, I realised u dont update ur blog anymore. Too busy?

  5. um, actually however busy i used to be, i also found time to post a few times a month.

    i stopped blogging after people stopped visiting my blog. my blog also served its purpose anyway -- for me as web dev practice.

    i may have given up blogging, but i still have plans for web dev (though not actually carrying them out now) and i still update my twitter.

  6. Everyone else is busy adjusting to working life? I did visit a couple of time but no new posts. ic, big plans ahead! I don't have a twitter account >.<


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