Saturday 28 October 2023

How I fixed my crusty Marc Jacob's Tote Bag


This post is about how I turned my crusty Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag looking much presentable!

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

Only recently do I start taking my Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag out again. This tote bag has been abandoned for many moons now since I deemed it not presentable enough with the color turning crusty even though I was using it for less than 6 months!

I love this tote bag because of its design, size and material. However for the price tag and brand, the quality has proven to be quite a disappointment. For one, I own another black tote bag which I bought for about RM15 from Kaison that doesn't discolored despite years of wear. So what the heck Marc Jacob?!

I wanted to send this to a (any) luxury bag repair shop. One shop quoted me RM700! For the price, I'd rather get a new one. Somehow chance upon a video showing canvas paint and I thought I should give it a try!

This is me repainting my tote. You can sleep see how bad the discolouration was in the next few photos and videos better.

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

Left before painting, right is after

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

The other way round, right is after and left before painting

How to dye Marc Jacob's The Tote Bag

The whole painting process took me about 3 hours (tiring!). The dye dries fast and doesn't leave any funny paint odour which is good. So far it's been two weeks and no issues yet. I did accidentally paint over the words. I didn't try to scrub the dye off but I think it's possible to come off.

One tip is to dab the wet brush on the canvas close to the fonts and let the canvas absorbs the paint itself. Rather than trying to paint by the lines. It came out nicely except for some parts because I was impatient lol

 And how much did it cost me? The canvas paint is just RM15.90 from Shopee (Rm18.32 including delivery)! So far it's it's two weeks and the bag is still looking good. I still have maybe 1/3 bottle of dye after painting the entire bag. You'd probably need to adjust for the larger size ones. I cannot imagine the effort needed to paint the bigger ones tho. Yikes!

Anyways I hope this post helps bc I totally didn't like it when my bag turned crusty! Tell me if you tried this~~

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