Wednesday 13 December 2023

my experience having subcision aka needling


This post was written back in July 2022. It took a long time to post it and my almost full (ok, it is full) phone memory to finally get it out hahaha.


It wasn't plan. I was there for a post one-month laser surgery checkup. While most of my face seems smoother, the deeper scars have remain.

I didn't captured the whole process and regretted a bit because I'm curious. But I could tell it was super bleedy just from the vid I manage to take and from how bloody the gauze I had to hold while pressing my face (more on that soon!)

This time I left home early and arrived at 915AM only to be told I'm 59 in line and to return at 3PM WTF.. Again I had many hours to kill. The fam was around KL so I hung out with them for several hours and on my own later bc I'm too lazy to go home and come out again. Which is why when I went to the clinic and the doc suggested subcision I was like, "why not since I'm out". Like I already spent 6 hours waiting and 20k steps. Sunk cost effect decision WTF.

I was later told by the nurse that if I've decided to do either laser/subcision, they could put me up the line and I didn't have to wait. That's a tip for y'all.

So like usual, the nurse applied cream anaesthetic and then had me wait while the numbing takes effect. Then right before the procedure, the doc inject anaesthetic and this works instantly. I could tell from how my skin felt frozen in place. That was the part captured in the video. Even before the suncision procedure started it's bloody already lol.

I actually didn't feel much pain on the right side when he was working on it. But my left side OMG they made me flinch with pain. They hurt so much but only at the points worked on unlike laser where my whole face felt like burning. The pain went on for the next hour or so. Btw, I think the whole procedure was 15-20minutes but I was lying down putting pressure on my face with my palms. 

Think like the famous painting "The Scream" except that I was screaming internally. Won't say its the worst pain I've felt but it wasn't pleasant and so I'm not sure I'd recommend to everyone unless you really want to look pretty lah.

Conclusion, if you have deep, moon craters-is scars, this may be a better procedure and then the CO2 fractional laser if you want a flawless finish. Also it hurt for less the time than doing laser. After 3 laser and 1 subcision procedures, I think I have done enough HAHAHA (2023 Me: No, you went through another one...). Oklah the pain is worth it but I just don't feel like going through it again. 

This post is rather short but if you have any qs, feel free to comment in this post or on my Ytube channel and I'll try to answer them! 

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