Thursday 14 December 2023

my last facial laser treatment

I seriously hope so. I remember saying that the last year when I did subcision but apparently I've forgot about it. Giving myself a huge eyeballs roll and smack on my face. By now I probably already went for laser like 4 times and subcision 1 time. So with this latest one, in total 7 facial laser/subcision? Yikes!

This time I went to Nexus Clinic with the intention of removing a scarring. I have been at Nexus back in 2015 for a mole removal. Initially I wanted a small treatment but they suggested a full face. And I actually agreed. Because I was like yeah, the scars are still obvious and since I'm there might as well.

What I didn't know is that I signed up for BOTH subcision AND fractional C02 laser. Unlike what I did in Ting Skin Clinic, they poke a hole only once on each side of my face. Thankfully they have like a super strong numbing cream. The needle is phobia-inducing. Not fun. Then comes the laser. I thought no biggie, I've done this before should be OK right? It was so painful I was shaking under the covers, squeezing the stress ball and tearing up. Mind you, this is the only time I get a stress ball. When the doc ask if it's OK, I stuttered at my reply. Dafuq.

That's why they have like a massaging thingy on your forehead and another nurse was massaging my arm. I must've jolted a lot. That when the numbing cream was still in effect. The pain was terrible a few hours later I can barely talk or gargle my mouth.

Post-Treatment & Care

Day 1 (Same day): Bled a bit on my right side. Stinging pain all over and swelling on cheeks & forehead. I couldn't wash my face bc it hurts so I dabbed tissue after wetting my face with the antimicrobial spray.

Day 2: My face swelled and hurt in the morning. The It's still the weekend so I moisturise as often as I can. There is bleeding and some yellow liquid (I suspect 

Day 3-4: There are minor bruising on the parts where the needle went in. Yes, it still hurt slightly.

Day 5-6: More of the dry skin either flakes away or gets removed from me washing my face. The bruises are still there.

Day 7-8: The bruise appears minimal _ like I've burst-some-pimples-and-they're-recovering minimal. At least I felt more ok going out looking like that.

My Verdict

I do find the service here. They took their time throughout the process. They also apply the same antimicrobial spray and moisturiser post treatment. Would recommend if you don't feel like waiting on queue and you want to pay by card. The cons is probably the pain from the fractional C02 laser. 

On the other hand, I think their subcision is less painful than when I first did in Ting Skin Clinic. That's my personal opinion lar, someone need to validate by going to both and share their experience LOL. Perhaps the pain from the laser actually made it seems less worst. One thing I noticed, the inside of my mouth felt swollen and I think this is from the needle!

The downtime or 'ugly days' are usually less than a week based on my past experiences at Ting Skin Specialist. So I can tell they really went all in this time...

 Thankfully I didn't take package because I don't think I want to put myself through this again. It really, really hurts! I'm really praying this is the last!!

One advice for youngsters or just anyone: Keep your itchy fingers off your face. It'll save you time, money and the pain to get clear skin again. Instead, get proper acne products, there are so many options and good ones these days!

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