Sunday 24 December 2023

Cruising through November


Hello!! November came and gone just like that and already we are a few days before the new year! 

This video appears short but that's because in November I was also getting my face done. See my last video on my laser & subcision at Nexus Clinic. That is actually the third of my three-parts videos on my mini Skincare Series. Do check out the other two!

Besides that, I also did a short Cuti Cuti Malaysia. The video on the latter coming up soon so wait for it!! 


In the vlog I shared some of the Shopee hauls for the month. You can see the timestamp from about 5:23 in the video above. Just for your convenience, here are the obligatory affiliate links for y'all:


Foldable umbrella 

Soap dispenser

Rotating beauty organizer  (A different design as the one I got is sold out)

Two-tier, 45L capacity dustbin for my recyclables

Btw, I was keeping the foldable umbrella back into my tote bag the other day and someone came up to ask where I got it from HAHA! It's a really sleek umbrella, I have to say *wink

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