Sunday 24 January 2021

DIY Hair Dye L'oreal Excellence Fashion in 10.11 Crystal Ash | i made a video!

The mood to experiment on different hair dye is back! I feel like trying lighter hair shades now that I'm working from home and wouldn't need to worry about people noticing if it didn't turn out well on me LOL. This time I'm bought the L'oreal Excellence Fashion in 10.11 Crystal Ash after multiple contemplation and checking out reviews online. 

This retails at RM39.34 per box in Aeon Wellness, I got mine at RM29.49 after discount so both at RM59. Somehow ended up with so many L'oreal product samples including the ColoRista 1-Day Color Sprays and free green tea cups. You can get yours on ShopeeMY.

I'll just get straight up to the results. Here's my hair before _ black roots already long grown while the bottom is still in reddish mahogany brown. The after (on right) doesn't appear much difference. IRL you can tell its now in orange hue instead of red while the black roots now appear dark, orange-y brown. The after pic down really do much justice, probably due to lighting (it was moody when I took the pic).

The next morning, taken outdoor. Same clothes because I no longer change my clothes daily unless 1) they smell, 2) it's hotter & I feel yucky or 3) I have worn them for my workouts or after running errands outdoors.

Result-wise, somehow the color appears the most obvious on my scalp (see vid). This I think is probably due to the heat from my skin? I wonder if I should have left it a bit longer and put more consideration on the lengths of my hair instead of just the roots I'd have better results. Same goes to grays, I still spot them. But then, I've been told many times by stylist that my hair don't absorb color well, so could be the stubborn hair! A note on this: perhaps wear a hair cap while waiting for the color to develop.

Still, I think this is one really easy to use dye! Sure, it took effort to massage it into your hair but the cream glides easily with the help of the applicator brush and doesn't hardens up like some hair dye. Besides, it doesn't have overly pungent chemical smell. It does get messy, I have dye all over my arms and legs by the end of the process. Is it even? I'd say the coverage is close to what you'd get with bubble hair dyes which is great! Also, my hair don't feel dry after application and smoother with the conditioner. I've only used 1/3 of the bottle in a wash.

I kinda expected it to show up more (too high expectation wtf) because a it does on other bloggers or Youtubers. Its my stubborn, hard-to-dye hair really. This kinda bugs me because it means I probably won't get results I want from other hair dyes. I did find some DIY hair bleach in platinum blonde and am considering (most likely) to do that before I do dye my hair in another ash-y color which I already bought.

If you're interested to check out the whole process and results on video, I have made a simple recording.


Here's the update after a week from coloring my hair with L'oreal Excellence Fashion. The color on my hair is still intact and so is my root still obviously lighter *laughs* I still have remaining 1 and a quarter bottle of conditioner which works amazing at keeping my hair moisturized and soft. I think L'oreal got their formula right!

Update #2: So I kept wondering why the roots turned up lighter and yes, it is because of the heat from the scalp. Someone on YouTube commented that I oughta start from the roots. And I keep wondering, how come, this hasn't happen before?! And then it dawn to me that this is my first time in the longest while to be going for light colors! Make sense now. Just me rambling my thoughts out. Okthanksbye.

Update #3: Photos taken after 15 days from dyeing my hair. By then, the lighter part on the scalp has darkened.

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