Thursday 14 January 2021

get fitter this MCO 2.0 & introducing (possibly) the best exercise mat ever!

As we are all bracing for MCO 2.0, this is the chance to set new resolutions to be fitter especially if you haven't done so since the last MCO or new year. No more excuses or procrastination, peeps!

Sharing some of the workouts videos I'm following the past weeks which I super like!


Favorite stretching workout so far!

I had thought the Pamela Reif's workouts are the toughest until I tried this workout by GrowingAnanas and couldn't complete it and even felt super dizzy at the end laughdieme. Though I do feel super muscular the next day lolol Attempt this at your own risk! Just early this week, I tried her legs workout which is made up of combination of some basic moves that totally ramp up the intensity!

Other than the above workouts without equipment, I am trying some workouts that incorporates resistant bands because I just got several from CottonOn Body. Kinda like how they increase the intensity for workouts such a squats, lunges, crab walk, fire hydrants and the likes. The variety also make working out from home less boring.

Since I've started doing cardio/HIIT/Tabata at end of March/April of last year, I have lost several inches on my waist, butt and arms but most importantly, felt much stronger!

Previously I jogged but that didn't seem to improve my stamina nor did much to reduce some stubborn fat. Hopefully with a better mat and consistent workout for the year I'd get to lose a few more inches. Weight-wise, it's a bit funny because I'm still the same weight. I'm told that meant I've gotten leaner and built some muscles  ᕦ(* •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕤ “ Hopefully the same for you who does the workout consistently!


Aside from the above, I wanna flex my new mat in this post hahaha 

Tadaaaa °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Forest Fitness pilates mat

This Forest Fitness mat is a new one I bought with my own money (therefore NOT a sponsored post) at the start of the year and I'm already loving it! As you have probably hear me mentioned, my first workout mat fell apart just 2 months into using but which I didn't part until last month because I didn't know what are the other alternatives that could last. Thinking back, I was quite noob and chose a yoga mat thinking it is the only option for home cardio. BTW I do very little yoga, mostly stretches that incorporate yoga moves (Pamela Reif's vid above) while most of the time its cardio or HIIT. 

Found out later what I need is a pilates mat! Of course, the other option is gym flooring mat but I'd prefer something I can roll up and put aside. With this new mat, I kinda have high hopes for the new mat for the price I'm paying and seeing how the material seems much durable. It is described as a mat "made with heavy duty and premium grade natural rubber built for extreme durability and long term usage".

I think Forest Fitness is a local brand which is only available on Shopee.MY. For that, I went to search on Amazon for yoga mat that has almost similar-looking material and surface with my: here, here (black and navy blue) and here. A lot with this kinda surface are black, I'm not sure why. Of course if you want something prettier, you can go for Lululemon's which apparently offers amazing mats as well.

Close up!

Forest Fitness pilates mat

Pros of this Forest Fitness mat include:

1) amazing grip at the bottom and top surfaces which prevents slipping. I think this is important because it reduces unnecessary friction so you can focus your energy and getting the most of your workout!

2) doesn't sink so very stable when holding poses such as deep lunge

3) absorbs impact better than foam ones so lesser noise when jumping around. I also noticed I bruised less on my knees _it was a frequent thing with my old mat. Besides that, my elbows don't hurt or get scrapped when I do moves like planks or the likes!

4) surprisingly, sweat evaporates off easily and do not leave sweat stains. I was worried it doesn't look like it'll absorb as well as foam one initially. It is also super easy to clean

5) doesn't have too strong rubber smell 

The only cons I can think if now is that its only in one color, it is quite heavy (hovering about 2.6kg on my kitchen scale) if you're looking for something to bring around and definitely to the pricier end. The latter, I wont mind if I don't need to change it anytime soon! So far it hasn't disappoint. Will remember to keep y'all posted on the mat condition after I have used it for a few more months. If you already own this mat or bought it from my recommendation, please do share your experience in the comment!

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