Friday 1 January 2021

Updated beauty routine: HadaLabo Kouji range, Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt, Watson Natural Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Essence Lotion & Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly

Happy New Year!!!!

First blog post for 2021 and so I thought I should kick start the year by sharing my latest beauty routine.

my new beauty routine

Can you tell there's a very obvious theme going on: majority Asian branded cosmetics and products with natural ingredients such as rice water, sake and fermented miso as their key ingredients!

Just a note before I proceed, I have included affiliate links to Amazon in this blog post to which I may receive a commission should you choose to use it. My advance appreciation if you do! (☆゚∀゚  )ノ

#1 HadaLabo Kouji
Cleansing Foam, Treatment Essence and Night Cream

First, jumping right into my recent favourite _ the HadaLabo's Kouji range which Treatment Essence (Amazon | Shopee.MY) I've been using and loving since the end of 2019. At the start of  2020, I started adding the Kouji Cleansing Foam (Amazon | Shopee.MY) and Kouji Treatment Cream (Amazon | Shopee.MY). I feel they're soothing for my skin but only moderately hydrating. What I love is the simplicity in ingredients (sake in the treatment essence smells super nice!) and design. You'd also be happy to know they are "Free of Fragrances, Colorants and Mineral Oils".

HadaLabo Kouji Cleansing Foam, Treatment Essence and Night Cream

HadaLabo Kouji Cleansing Foam

HadaLabo Kouji Night Cream

#2 Wahadabisen 

Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack

The other product I'm totally obsessing with is the Wahadabisen range which I chanced upon from Aeon Wellness (apparently my recent favorite place to shop for beauty products!) that carries 2 main lineups_ the Japanese herbal face pack and Gokujo fermented skincare range. Under the Japanese herbal face pack, there are 3 options: Yomogi (Amazon) which contains mugwort extract for healing & rejuvenating, Amazake which contains Kyoto Sake and Lees extract for skin brightening, and Hatomugi (Amazon) which contains Hokkkaido Adlay for skin moisturizing and firming. Apparently this range can be used for both face and body!

Wahadabisen beauty lineup

For the Gokujo fermented skincare range, there are choices of fermented rice, sake yogurt and fermented miso. All of which comes in either the face wash, face pack and lotion except for the fermented miso that didn't have the lotion option.

I was tempted to try most of them but with so many facial products at home, I ended up with just the Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt Face Pack (Amazon) for now! This have the texture of thick yogurt and does a great job in stripping off sweat and oil without being drying. According to the brochure available in Aeon Wellness, the facepack is the second step after the cleanser, but I have been using the face pack on its own and it works alright!

Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Miso Face Pack

Ignore the sticker, I can't get it off! @@

Wahadabisen Gokujo Fermented Miso Face Pack

#3 Watson Naturals Rice Bran & Soy Bean 

Illuminating Essence Lotion

Alternating with the Kouji Treatment Essence, I use this Watson Naturals' Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Essence Lotion (Shopee.MY). Bought it for the same reason _ my obsession for natural ingredients but unlike Kouji's, this is has artificial scent which smells great not gonna lie. Does okay as everyday toner but I don't feel much difference to my skin using this.

Watson Naturals' Rice Brand & Soy Bran Lotion

So far loving the scent!

Watson Naturals' Rice Brand & Soy Bran Lotion

Watson Naturals' Rice Brand & Soy Bran Lotion

#4 Melano CC Vitamin C 

Brightening Essence

Vitamin C packed cream or essence has been something I want to experiment as I have heard they could reduce scars and reduce skin dullness. Bought this Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Essence (Amazon | Shopee.MY) to see if it help with some of the dark spots resulting from acnes on my chin, which can takes forever to recover. I wouldn't say I noticed much difference because of how lazy I am to apply consistently but oh wow, the orange scent is really nice! I love citrus-y scent and even have Muji's bergamot essential oil for #selflove hahaha. I'll try to apply this more frequently and see if it works!

Melano CC Vitamin C  Brightening Essence

Melano CC Vitamin C  Brightening Essence

#5 Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly

As I am almost clearing out my Naturals and Hada Kouji toners _both actually lasted me a year during the lockdown!!_ it's time to try other new stuff! Before Innisfree and HadaLabo Kouji (and maybe more brands I cannot remember) I'm a huge fan of Hada Labo. Somehow when the market got so saturated with unlimited choices of beauty products, I stopped buying Hada Labo just so I can experiment with other brands. This Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly (Amazon | Shopee.MY) that retails at RM93.50 but once again, I got mine at a discount for RM79.49 at Aeon Wellness.

Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly

Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly

Hada Labo Hydrating Perfect Jelly

If you especially need a super moisturizing toner, you can trust that Hada Labo delivers! Only after two nights of using this, I can tell my skin feels bouncier and that's really nice. I don't think you need to go for the Hydrating Perfect Jelly if you're only looking for something moisturizing, their regular and much affordable toner range (see their Hydrating Collection on their site or Shopee.MY) works equally well. 

This one is pricier because it claims to be a 4-in-1 skin solution comprising of lotion, serum, milk and sleeping mask. Meaning lazy people like me who usually settles for 3 to 4 steps (cleanse, moisturize, oil and cream) will find this useful. Myself, I don't see the point of doing the whole Korean 10-step skincare routine, really. Less can be more if you choose the right product!

Something that'd I usually add to my routine is the Thursday Plantation's 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil (Amazon | Shopee.MY) or the Thursday Plantation Rose Hip Oil which I will use right after toner or before the cream just so they can be absorbed into the skin. I realize tea tree oil is a must for me because of their anti-bacterial properties that helps control breakouts around my chin area. On the other hand, I'm not the biggest fan with rose hip because I haven't been able to tell what it does for me and so plan to discontinue it once I empty this bottle. I also don't like that if you keep this for too long it starts coagulating. So messy!

So yeap, those are everything in my beauty routine which I will be sticking with for awhile. I may need to stock up on cleanser and night cream in a few months and probably be looking at trying out other brands if I find something that caught my interest *shrugs* 

Until then, look forward to my other posts!

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