Monday 1 February 2021

super realistic what I eat in a day & bubble tea instant noodles?!

Something different is brewing in today's post! 

I have decided to revive a forgotten hobby _ video making! Instead of forcing myself to make videos on subject I'm not comfortable in, I choose to record and share things that I do during the whole lockdown _ attempting to cook! I can cook basic stuff, but have been privilege not having to until the pandemic. The first few months last year I was eating plenty of instant noodles and dry food since I don't do much food delivery orders. It's only in the recent months that I have decided to be healthier by brushing up my dusty skills on how to buy and cook using variety of ingredients.

I'm trying to plan my content "in season" for my YouTube channel as a way to encourage myself to create more videos. So I'd be like making 2-5 videos of different series before deciding if I really want to continue producing contents.

Speaking about series or the genre I'm producing, I have several in mind. The #whatieatinaday will probably be the most frequent one considering I try to cook daily & on weekends if not every other days. Then you've seen me posted on my review for the L'oreal Excellence Fashion in 10.11 Crystal Ash in just the last blog post. Beauty products reviews will still be one of the subject I write so when possible, I'd also produce some videos. I have a few other ideas which is essentially things I do during the lockdown that you may (hopefully) see them posted on my channel this month.

Meanwhile, do check this video out! Definitely give me some feedback or suggestions on new but simple recipes by leaving a comment on my blog posts or YouTube channel, I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoy the video I've made and thank you for watching ( v^-゚ )

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