Sunday 25 November 2018

The Solone Eyeshadow Kit in Fascinating Love Review / Two Ways to Apply Eyeshadows

Here is a review dedicated to the Solone eyeshadow Kit in Fascinating Love, a mini eyeshadow palette which is part of my first beauty haul from Hermo Malaysia. I purchased this palette for RM69.90 (Normal price RM74.09). On first impression, the size of this palette is cute and the black casing makes this palette look so classy but upon further inspection, it looks like it is made up of some rather flimsy plastic.

Btw, there is a tiny mark there because I was trying to pry away the case from the tin (just out of curiosity) and ended up scraping off with my nail wtf

I do love how they come up with the idea of fitting 8 different colors into such a small palette! Because of that, they're so convenient to bring around without being overly bulky. While I do think each of the pans are rather small for the price I paid for, I'm quite alright with it because I never ever finished my eyeshadows.

The other shade available for Solone's Classic Eyeshadow Kit consists of pink shades, Sweet Tipsiness kit. This appearsto be a favorite, having sold out on Hermo.

As I have mentioned in my earlier haul post, I was contemplating between Solone's and another similar palette, the Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit which you can find in Watsons for RM65.94. I finally buying the latter out of curiosity. Both brands' eyeshadow palettes come encased in a metal tin and consists of olive and shimmery gold shades and are about the same price. Solone Eyeshadow Kit came in additional pink, brown and beige shades which compliments one another for au natural day look.

Here are the swatches for Solone Eyeshadow Kit in Fascinating Love without primer. Without primer the shades hardly show up!

After using this palette, I find that the swatches _ especially for the lighter shades _ do not show up well without the primer on my tanned skin. This is different to the creamier, more vibrant Mont Blanc  palette which I was comparing with. I guess that is the downside of purchasing eyeshadows online _ you cannot tell the results until you have it! The second thing I discovered was olive tone doesn't go well with my skin tone, I look so pale in them... Decided that pink and nudes are more my thing.

Anyways, since I have purchased it I might as well put it to good use. It also means that it won't be overly striking and good enough for everyday look. Before getting into writing this post, I have experimented with different looks with the different shades on this palette.

Look #1

I wore this shade to the last Bon Odori event~~

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Look #2

Which look do you prefer?

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