Sunday 18 November 2018

Hair Zone Hauls Reviews: Bioma Plant+9 Hair Treatment & Kosenze Ocean Miracle Spray

I have been 'investing' more on hair care products because my hair is super dry and I am starting to be super conscious of how my hair look. Wanna look presentable mah. This time, I bought Bioma Plant+9 Hair Treatment (Shopee.MY) and Kosenze Ocean Miracle Spray (Shopee.MY) both retails at RM158 and RM69 respectively from the hair saloon I am frequenting (but which you can get for less on Shopee!).

First up for this review is the Bioma Plant+9 Hair Treatment. I'm not sure I am actually getting the name right since I cannot find a single reference of this product online! Not sure if it is new or simply not so well known hmmm..

Apparently it is orange "because they use honey", a super moisturizing ingredients according to my hairdresser. And most probably orange coloring LOL.

Smells so yummy! But kenot eat this one okays.

I especially LOVE how you don't need to use much, this is coming from someone with lotsa hair on her crown okays. My last Midori hair masque was amazing but I needed to use a lot to cover my hair so I emptied the 500ml bottle within 2 months! With Bioma's, I just need to spare a bit more time to massage to get the ends of my hair completely covered. I have only used it about 5 times now and just by looking at the remaining amount, it looks like this can last at least me 3-4 months, if not more?

The price for the mask is pricey at RM158  but I dare vouch price is proportional to the effectiveness. Take note that I have yet to try a wide range of products, so my conclusion is limited on the products I have tried. For best result, use twice a week. 


The second highlight for this post is the Kosenze Ocean Miracle Spray. I have been interested in purchasing this hair spray for over a year since my then hairdresser let me tested them. What this does is that it repairs and nourish your hair. My hair is ultra soft after using this. Plus it smells amazing!

To use, spray along the length of your hair. I spray three times since mine is quite long but similar to the mask, you can easily spread this by combing with your fingers. 


After spraying one side of my hair. Result isn't so visible 'cause this is best sprayed when your hair is still damp.

I have only been using this spray once a week or on occasions I want my hair to look good because of the price. Kiam siap lol.

My take for these products are I am super loving them and can definitely vouch they do wonders to your hair. Of course, if you want your hair to look prettier, blow dry them. I don't do this 'cause I'm lazy lol. Anyways, I would highly recommend you all buying these rather than spending a lot doing treatment at saloons which can cost hundreds each time! 

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