Wednesday 14 November 2018

2018 ArtBox Malaysia at Sunway City

With the turnout at ArtBox Malaysia last weekend, I doubt ArtBox needs further introduction. In case you have not heard about it, it is a container-themed art market similar to its pioneer in Bangkok. Expect hipsters stalls selling food, crafty stuffs at exorbitant price and decorated, Insta-worthy corners, stuff like that.

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to check out what was they hype all about and so a bunch of us thought it was great idea to go on a Friday evening thinking there would not be a crowd. It appears like hundreds other people have the same thoughts! For one the traffic was horrendous, Waze kept bringing us around the two-hour long traffic. By the time we arrived, we had to queue during which some idiots kept cutting into our lines. When we did enter, lined to food stalls were long or sold out and there were a lot of uncomfortable human contacts..

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My friends who did have the patience to wait in lined queued up for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for food that were not up to the lowest standards apparently _ the crepes and Taiwanese lu ruo fan. Meanwhile, the rest of us just head to Sunway Pyramid for our super late dinner wtf. So no luck on Friday!

Saturday I visited with yet a different bunch of friends but this time prepared by having a proper meal then warning my gal pals of the food and me not wanting to queue except for one hipster drinks. That is really overpriced canned Jus Tea on a unicorn float, I found out after having queued for 30 minutes. Yeah, I paid for a unicorn float LOL

ArtBox Kuala Lumpur 2018 at Sunway City open air car park

ArtBox Kuala Lumpur 2018 at Sunway City open air car park

We did have quite OK stinky tofu but let's be real, you can find it at our local pasar malam. We managed this by splitting up to queue, so that's one strategy y'all can use.

ArtBox Kuala Lumpur 2018 at Sunway City open air car park

The other stall a friend was queuing for.

Found a spot to take photos! That ain't the unicorn's eyes but nostrils LOL

Some of the stalls that caught my interest. This one sells customized, portrait rubber stamps! These are from Crafteria.

Uber cute macarons by Sweet Tooth

Loving the tote bags from DuangDeeBags!!

Cats print tote *hyperventilates*

Minimalist style watches by BornFoundWatch, if only I had brought more cash!

Miniatures tidbits by TinyPinc

Handcrafted musical box and scarfs from Gaia's Garden

For those who has not been to ArtBox and are planning to do so, be warned there will still most probably be a huge turnout so parents with small children may want to be more alert if not avoid these places. And yes, it is hard to maneuver your child's pram. Definitely, definitely have your meals because the food are either overpriced Instagram-worthy ones, subpar pasar malam snacks or just meh. Also bring enough cash especially if you planning to try the hipster foodstuff or shop around. You will probably be glad to know there may be different vendors this coming weekend. 

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