Monday 13 August 2018

2018 Minimalist Achievements: Hair Care Empties & Mini Reviews

Wanted to post this up last weekend but things kept caming up. For one, me having to dog-sit because the doggo was feeling really unwell from hemorrhoids so he was sad when left alone *sigh* Was just sitting beside him, patted him and borrowed my hand for him to rest his head on. Occasionally he  threw tantrum because of the discomfort.. so pitiful!

Anyways, I'm digressing. Post today highlights my second batch of empties! Read my first empties success story hereMinimalism is something I have been working on for years and it has been one marathon, you've probably heard me mentioned this several times by now. My main goal is not to be clearing away everything from my possessions but rather have enough without making my place a mess and partly, I have mini cases of OCD attacks lol. 


#1 Midori Hair Treatment & Shampoo Midori is my favorite hair care brand right now and I definitely see myself using this brand for a long run! What I love about the Midori hair care range is that for one, it succeeded in making my unruly hair feel long lasting smoothness and tangle free I kid you not. I always wonder how my friends and many girls could maintain their glorious crown without resorting to straightening their hair and I believe I have found the answers. And this, people who are reading this, lies in Hair Depot.

Today, I have two 1-litre Midori Advanced Repair shampoo which I bought for half price during the Raya/Mid Year sales. There are smaller 330ml ones for RM45 which I didn't think is super worth it (Gotta stretch my ringgit)! I would also recommend the Advance Repair Nourish Smooth Masque (Approx. RM85 for the 530ml bottle) which I had been using. I didn't see a point getting it now that I bought the shampoo because even the shampoo alone works so well already.

By the way, I accidentally bought the Advanced Color Masque during the sale but didn't feel much difference with the Advance Repair Nourish Smooth Masque except for their scents, they both work wonders!


#2 VS Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask Before I discovered Midori, I find this treatment works alright. While it does make my hair feel better when I use this very often, it cannot be compared to Midori.

#3 Hask's Kalahari Melon Oil No other obvious results aside from temporarily keeping my hair frizz free but that is all it does. Hair oil is definitely not my thing.

#4 Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalising Shampoo, a made-in-Korea scalp shampoo. Worse. Shampoo. Ever. Mark my words, it is that bad. This is supposed to be a scalp shampoo loaded with tons of natural herb, which according to one of my gal pals are the worse ingredients to be made the key ingredients. Apparently, chemical shampoos are better for hair albeit being, well, chemicals. It is so bad my other gal pal is using it as hand wash... Yeah, I was speechless when she said that.

Me on the other hand, has been using this shampoo interchangeably with #6 just for the sake of not putting this to waste. That turned out to be a bad idea. Weeks later I find myself with the worse hair fall episode in my life! It was so bad every time I leave the bathroom, tons of hair will be clogging up the drain hole. I find strands of hair everywhere _ on my chair, bed, bedroom floor and laundry, they drive me nuts! I could comb my hands through my head and find tons of loose strands...That was so serious, I was worried about getting bald! Never again will I be using this shampoo!

#5 Naturals by Watson's Argan Revitalizing Shampoo This is a shampoo I bought to try to use alternately with #5 in order NOT to have the latter dry my hair out too much.In the first few wash, I felt my hair got rougher but after some time, it does make my hair manageable but this does nothing like Midori (Obviously, I'm in love with Midori!). If you are ok shampoo that leaves your hair tingling with minty feel, feel free to give this a try.

#6 Ma Cherie Moisture Treatment & Moisture Conditioner Works alright only when use frequently because result isn't long lasting. Price is about RM70 per bottle of 500ml or about RM50 during promotion. This is a brand I was obsessed with for a period of time before I discovered Midori. Comes in several sizes from convenient travel size, medium and large (500ml).


So those are the items which I'm so glad to get rid off! It feels great not too have so much stuffs lying around. Of course I still have some lying around but I think I did a great job clearing the above. Going minimalist is a long process! Next products I am looking to clear is my collection of facial masks. (☉_☉) I have no idea why I bought so much and not use them... By far in 2018, I only managed to finish using only a handful of facial masks *roll eyes* so it will definitely take a while to complete this goal. Wish me luck, guys!

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