Sunday 25 March 2018

Current Obsession: 2018 Innisfree Empties & Mini Reviews

Hello, netizens! How was your weekend? This post today will be a quick review on Innisfree beauty products, my current obsession!!

Here are my Innisfree's empties for the month~!

#1 Green Barley Bubble Cleanser,  a foam cleanser which IMO does not do well in deep cleansing my face. A few weeks into using this cleanser and I found blackheads popping up! Very stubborn ones to boot! They won't come off easily and took weeks before I can popped them out with the help of a pore pack.. Because of that, I'd say this is my least favorite cleanser.

#2 Olive Real Lotion, this olive range gotta be my favorite of them all! Mostly because the scent is nice and it works alright for me.

#3 Jeju Sparkling Mineral range samples which consist of the toner, lotion, eyecream and cream with anti-aging properties. I actually noticed I had lesser breakout on my chin when using these. Will definitely consider to purchase the set in the near future since the set is cheaper than getting each of the items individually.

In case you're wondering why the lack of toner, I am currently using these with SK-II toner and essence. Go here to read up on my reviews.

~ ♡ ~

As of now, these are the products I am using

#1 Olive Real Cleansing Foam, this cleanser not in photo because I left it back in my hometown and is now in the possession my sis who helped me bring it back to KL but haven't pass it back to me lol

#2 Bija Trouble Lotion, a cleanser with sharp tea tree scent (which I don't fancy) and which promises to resolve any skin troubles. Of all the Innisfree cleansers I have used, this is the one which leaves me with super refreshed and my face clean! Noticed this because whenever I use my SK-II toner, I find the facial cotton covered with dirt but they are clear now. Price at RM35 per tube.

Perfect 9 Repair Skin which has "9 different types of Jeju-oriented botanical active ingredients " which promises to prevent 9 signs of ageing". This is one of the higher end Innisfree's beauty line and the 200ml bottle costs aver RM100 (If I'm not mistaken). I definitely think it is overrated, simply because I don't feel much of a result compare to when I used other products. My skin is a troublesome one, thus my opinion.

~ ♡ ~

Aside from these, I have tried all their other cleansers including Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam. Generally their scrub cleansers are good enough for my kind of combination skin, so no complaints!

The BEST part with purchasing from Innisfree is that it is one of the brands in Malaysia who actually accepts these empties to be recycled! For every bottles, you earn RM2 credits for as long as you are a registered member (It's free!). As for myself, I kept forgetting to bring the along every time I visit the store in Pavillion until last two weekends ago did I recycled whatever I had. I also learnt that you can only recycle a maximum of 3 large-size bottles in a month.

Support Recycling!!

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