Saturday 24 March 2018

Bali (Day 3): Nusa Penida

Day 3 in Nusa Penida Bali and we got up early for a half day trip before my friends leave for Nusa Lembongan. I, on the other hand, stayed for another day. Our first destination is Peguyangan Waterfall, which is located at the end of hundreds flight of staircases, some close to a perfect right angle and one horizontal flight of staircase at the end *gulp*

I'll say they're mostly a breeze until you come to this super deceiving staircase that appears to end in the sea?! I went down several flights, holding the wooden stairs with both hands but decided against heading down.

That is, until two pak ciks came down the flight of stairs and promised to go together. But they walked so fast I had to catch up even though I was so frightened! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

My tour guide was like, staring at me taking only one step at a time across the horizontal stairs. Would've love to snap a photo but didn't want to risk my camera falling into the sea #TheHorror

Climbing down was terrifying but climbing up was super tiring! I later learnt years ago before most of the wooden staircases were replaced with metal ones, the journey down was way-y-y terrifying!

After the hike, I was super convinced my stamina sucks, thankfully the other dude was feeling the same. It's great to have friends with similar level of stamina in outdoor activities, so you don't feel left behind hahahahaha. We rested a bit once we reached the top, can't help it LOL

 Later, we had lunch at Penida Roadside Warung, before heading to Goa Girl Puri on our tour guide's recommendation.

We were greeted by more staircases! Can you imagine climbing up to the puri right after the hike down and up Peguyangan Waterfall? .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. 


Once my acquaintances left, I waited for my host from my next stay, Abian House to pick me up from the jetty.

I would DEFINITELY recommend for a WHOLE MANY REASONS! For one, everyone _ Made, the owner and Latra, his brother plus Latra's wife and their friends_ at Abian is just so friendly! Plus, the place is close by the town area and even several warungs by the sea in case you want to explore, it is just walking distance away.

Just five minutes away, is the sea where seaweed farming is abundant though a bit neglected, apparently from low season.

In the evening, Made was so kind as to introduce and accompany me for dinner at Warung Dukung, his favorite dining spot. We dined and wined (Bintang beer, actually) while enjoying the sound of waves. It made me forget some of the nasty stuff that happened early in the trip so I cannot thank him enough!

My evening didn't end there. I spend my time chatting with Made, Latra and a friend of theirs. Made was super nice to bring me to the temple where children were practising Baliness traditional music using local instruments! I quite enjoy listening to the rather smoothing song, they played them so well!

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