Monday 23 January 2017

Part 2: The SK-II Verdict

Finally blogging about my SK-II experience. The last time I wrote about this product was back in June 2016 and I bought the beginner's set which consists of a mini bottle of toner, a medium-size bottle of Pitera essence and a mask which price at RM199. During the two month period, I noticed positive results from my then beauty routine, my skin texture better and much more smoother. But it took me another 5 months to decide on getting the full size ones because of the price and because I personally have tons of beauty products LOL!

Last December, SK-II were having this festive collection consisting of the full-size Pitera essense and free full-size toner,which was super worth it I decided to grab one. The SK-II sales person sorta gave me a lecture for not using SK-II consistently. Well, I'm not that rich yet.

Of course I even took the chance to get my skin tested :) The result were better than my previous one so much that the sales person asked me what's my regime like. If I remembered correctly it's Innisfree's cleansers, ZA's toners, Naruko's cream and Innisfree's Olive lotion.

**Yellow dotted line and percentage at bottom is June 2016's reading while the white dotted lines and top percentage is most recent reading in December 2016.

Today's post is also to answer several Qs as well as to share my observation from using SK-II.

What are the results from using SK-II?
Better skin texture and skin more tout :) Doesn't do much to my pores or perhaps it takes a little bit more using to notice further difference.

Is SK-II really effective?
You will notice the SK-II sales people have great skin, and most people who use them for a long have equally dewy-ish skin. Even my friends!

Any negative effects?
It dries the skin on my hand because I usually apply the Pitera Essence with my palms. It did not dry my face though, but I have combination skin.

Also, using SK-II must be a regular one because the result is not permanent, HOWEVER, I can't be too sure because the first time with the beginner set, I only used it for two months and the test result was different too.

Can anyone use SK-II?
Maybe not. I have seen negative reviews online but I believe this is solely because everyone has different types of skin to begin with.

If you have read my first SK-II review, you will remember I mentioned this too. My friends have observed that SK-II seems to be more suited for people with bad skin while those who have naturally flawless skin seems to have bad reaction towards it LOL. This is just from our observation, you don't have to take my words. After all, you won't know until you try.

How long before you notice the difference SK-II made to your skin?
A week or so. Again, it differs with different people.

Is SK-II really worth it?
Pricey but yes! If you still can't afford it (I can't afford them always), wait for the next festive sales. I am estimating the large size ones can last you seven months or so :)

Can men use SK-II?
Yes! Go check out the Men's Collection!

Do you need to use SK-II continuously to maintain the results?
Unfortunately, yes. SK-II is quite an 'investment' but who can deny their almost flawless result?

Is SK-II for everyone?
Ok, so there is a legend that goes, if you have originally flawless skin (I'm envious!) SK-II will cause negative results like a breakout or something. This is very true to some. Here's my theory behind this so-called legend: SK-II is drying. Which is great for those with oily/combination because it makes your skin less oily. What happens if you have dry skin and use SK-II? Probably not the greatest idea. 

Just a post-disclaimer: I personally LOVE SK-II and am in no way defaming SK-II but simply giving my bloody straightforward opinion on why SK-II is not for everyone or some people. This is also derived from my observation when using SK-II. I will definitely continue using SK-II because it works for me.


If you have any further question, feel free to comment and I will be happy to answer you :)

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