Sunday 11 March 2018

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Happy Weekend!! Can you believe it's March already?! Just a little while ago, it was just Chinese New Year!

Anyways, my friends and I had post-CNY lunch just yesterday which got postponed many times because it is so tough to make plans with so many people. Finally, only four can make it. Already quit and achievement I'd say. This time, we hung out at Mitasu Japanese Restaurant, located at Standard Chartered building along Jalan Sultan Ismail and accessible via Connections Pavillion.

Tips: If you are planning to dine here for their buffet, don't forget to make reservations especially on the weekend! I eyeballed their reservation list and it was quite a long one! Thankfully for my gal pal Sharon who made us a reservation instead of going ahead with my "just walk inlah" suggestion lol

Check out their glorious bowl of fresh oysters and prawns. You can have as many of oysters, yo! My friends had three bowls WTF.


For starters we had tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, half-grilled salmon, chukka idako and jellyfish. All of which we didn't have any photos because we were busy digging into the food *smacks face*

I did managed to snap my favourite pumpkin tempura when we ordered our second servings of this. Would have definitely ordered more but we wanted to try the other variety of dishes! We also ordered hotate (scallops) and takoyaki (photo on the left, from top left) then deep fried hotate, teppanyaki squids and edamame which came in a generous serving (top to bottom, right side)!

Next were the chawanmushis and grilled saba (mackerel).

Followed by butter fish and grilled lamb.Yea, the food just kept coming!

We ordered our greens upon recommendations of one of the staff and buddy _ smoked duck salad topped with roes, pickled Japanese cucumber, scallop salad and okras tempura.

I had to stop after all these. My friends went ahead with half-grilled salmon and rotate nigiri sushi and cheese baked mussels.

For desserts, we (or rather I) had tons of konnyaku jellies together with black sesame and chocolate ice creams. These are two of their top flavors for ice cream so when Ben opted for vanilla, protests ensued hahahahaha. He got his vanilla ice cream anyhow.


While all the food are tempting, make sure not to not bite off more than you can chew! Mitasu charges for every 100g of food wastage, so be warned! Optionally, instead of going to the buffet, you want to consider ala carte options.

Ending this post with an #OOTD shot

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