Thursday 19 January 2017

Mermaid hair!

Yes, my hair turned bluish-gray!

Last Sunday after visiting the aquarium, I decided to drop by my usual saloon Zing Hair Studio at Wangsa Maju, which like, I visit 4 times a year because I lazy hahaha.

Photos here photoshopped BTW. 

 The initial plan was to get my hair dyed dark ash brown with pink highlights. Somehow, there was a miscommunication and my hairdresser got me dark ash instead. She did repeatedly asked me but having spent a few hours bleaching my hairs and my brain wasn't functioning cause I was so bored waiting even though I had my phone to browse the internet. It's the saloon effect thingy, a psychology term coined by yours truly. I talk a lot of shit, I know. My friends know that too XD

It was also, my first time bleaching in my whole life and my first time in years to dye my hair. I have been trying to keep my hair healthy but the whole double-bleaching it destroyed my entire tres in just two hours WTF

They were so coarse I can cry, my poor hair! So I asked them to add on treatment which helped the middle to lower section of my hair but the crown is still coarse and hard... (T____T)

This was my hair when the entire crown was ash grey. This is from the saloons FB page.

MC, my hairdresser insisted they are beautiful, which I do not doubt but still think the color was not the most suitable for office lady like me. Plus, god knows how aweful it will look considering I don't know how to maintain other-than-brown hair color.

I asked her to overlay with a darker shade and she decided on blue but I would have appreciated she informing me first 😅😂

So at the end of my 5-hour long session my hair looked like this

The next few days while I when around window shopping.

In a different lighting

Got a few compliments for it from bff and close friends. Tons more of stares from strangers WTF hahahahah.

Took more selfies recently cause now my hair color is different at least I have a reason to show off please don't hate me hahhaha

I don't hate my hair, but think it's unique though harder to maintain. The bleached really destroyed them I'm mourning.

On top of dyeing my hair I bought a violet blue shampoo and treatment.

IMO the violet blue dye will be great to cover up my bluish-ash gray hair when they start to fade in a few weeks time. At least I hope. Will tell you about it once I tested them for a month or so *fingers crossed* So far I've only used them once and I can see the purple dye is pretty thick.

I also bought this Lucido-L Lively Lasting Curls hair cream to keep my hair looking neat. I have really natural curly messy hair that is now accentuated by the ash gray...

Will write a review on this and my other new hair care products after I tested them for a longer period! Blogging again soon!

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