Saturday 21 January 2017

Purikura How Tos (Part II): Oh My Girl III & Bijou Cosme III

Yesterday I went for yet another #SoloPuri sessions, #CNY2017 theme! I wanna show off my new cheongsam dress and pretty red packets I bought LOL My initial plan was also to take a video of the whole process but I forgot my sim card fml

While I call this post a how to, it's more like a review of the two Purikura machines I tried today. So lucky to find them both! For this I had to go all the way to Aeon Mall Shah Alam and boy getting there by train and taxi was a pain hahahha. Yeah I went a distant solely to play Purikura. 

Unfortunately Puripix Malaysia only has one Purikura machines spread at different locations in KL and Selangor, but none in Bukit Bintang, PJ or Subang. I wish there is a shop lot in one or a few of the major shopping malls in KL, something like what they have in the arcade in Golden Gate, Shibuya with about 10 or so Purikura machines #PurikuraHaven \(♥ o ♥/) 

Only one of the Purikura machines in Aeon Mall Shah Alam's Tony Molly belong to Puripix Malaysia if I'm not mistaken. I have not seen Bijyou Cosme3 mentioned on Puripix page or instagram. Let's get started with Puripix's Oh♥MyGirl first~~


There are a handful of things I love about this machine, for one you can choose the background in sets_either blue and khaki which gives off the Otona/Mature feel and elegant! Super love this function but I opted to choose my own just for fun.



#2 gotta be my favorite. From here you'll notice a few New Year theme stickers. This machine let's you choose 4 season stickers and message stamps! Another cool feature!





Then they have the full body, wide collage. Coolest machine ever!!!!! I'm super in love!! Don't judge my pose, I know I look weird doing the kiss pose.

If you check out the sample collages above, collages like mine here seems to be more suited for two people photos while for 3 people, opting for the frames one are recommended.


Just notice it said, "Beauty is stronger than an ox" (=___=;) LOL! 

But seriously can I have this in KL?? I really want to play this Oh♥MyGirl3 with friends!😣

Here's my Purikura printouts. I purposely choose three to experiment on whether printing more will affect the size of the printouts. Unfortunately it does and if you choose to have more than 3 print out a the size of the photos reduced into small squares.

What I did not like about my printouts are that they are super light! I did a mistake and accidentally pressed the lightest option for photo taking and there was no reset option, like usual. Thankfully the downloads have more saturation in them. (Find out how I download them in my last Purikura How Tos post in the How Tos tab)

 A lot of my photos shows me unprepared I'm not sure if the time is shorter or I'm simply unprepared this time lol

If you noticed I look taller too because I chose 'Model' option which elongates my features. If you look at photo #6, you see I made a mistake of bending my knees which made my leg 'fat'. That happened before too hahaha. It takes a bit more 'practice' to know the different Purikura machines.

Unlike MeHerJyoshi3, this machine does not pre-cut the printouts and I am guessing because if this, you can't choose different layouts for each prints.

The rest are perfect! I super heart Oh♥MyGirl!!! Why is it so much trouble getting to AMSA (TΔT)

~ ♥ ~

Bijou Cosme 3

This machine reminds me when Gyarus wore heavy makeup and tan skin was hip among them. This it explains why even with recommended settings I look like I have tan and my lips look redder.

Plus there was even makeup setting with blushes and eyelashes options. 😂 I haven't seen it in the other machines I tried!

Obviously I overabused the blushes hahahahha. Do I look cute?

One cool feature I find is that you can make mini instax-like photos. I chose the similar photo but I'm not sure if you can do the same using other pics in the small frame. If it could, that would be really cool! Just came across my mind lol

Unlike Oh♥MyGirl, the printouts can be torn in half without a scissors which is much more efficient. I prefer printouts like this cause like who brings scissors with them? In Japan, machines that don't have pre-cut options have scissors so you can cut your Purikura on the spot! I'm still waiting for my Purikura haven in KL😂 

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