Tuesday 17 January 2017

Aquaria Kuala Lumpur @KLCC Experience

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit Aquaria KLCC, a place I have been wanting to visit for all the years I live in Kuala Lumpur. I got to know that I could purchase the tickets for less at 11th Street site, the same online shopping portal I got my Instax Mini Films, also for an awesome bargain!
The tickets for adult Malaysians cost RM46 if you purchase at the counter but only RM35 for adults online.

However, you do need to send text message to the vendor to claim your e-tickets, which takes two days to process. I had initially planned for a Saturday outing but because I had only contacted the vendor on a Friday, they got back to my adventure kaki (Kaki means leg in Malay but it is a Malaysian way of saying a buddy who hangs out with you whether for travel or mamak session or just anything!), stating that they couldn't get the e-tickets confirmed.

We got there at 11AM, hoping to get away from the crowd but 10 minutes into checking in, there was already a mini crowd. We were lucky to catch the cute otters feeding slash exercising session and they were adorable! Fun fact, the Malaysian otters are the smallest in the world! Which means the other otters gotta be obese, cause the otters displayed was by no mean "small". Good to know there are fat otters around.

We cruised past mini aquariums with fishes, crabs, lobsters, eels & loads other animals then past a 'shipwreck' housing several other aquariums with odd looking fishes. I won't upload many photos here cause I don't want to spoil the fun of exploring Aquaria KLCC, but trust me, it may not be the biggest aquarium in South East Asia, it is still an interesting destination if you love aquariums as much as I do.

My favorite part gotta be the rain forest, which house a few tanks with humongous-size fish, you might wonder how many people one fish can feed. I know, I know, but they're sorta food so....

If you're as observant as me, you'd notice they play recordings of birds in the wild and even thunders, accompanied by lightning effect which was pretty cool!

My next favorite part is the tunnel, where you can admire the fishes swimming around and over you, even huge sharks and stingray! Or funny faces of stingray like this one

I'm under the sea~ under the sea~

If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of fishes feeding on one another. Spotted a stingray feeding on some fish LOL. 

I went through the tunnel twice because I love the place so much! Could have gone in another time but I don't want to bore my friend, just in case.

Afterwards, more aquariums and then it was browsing through the souvenirs shop. They have lotsa cute plushies and I bought a husky one, because the fur is so soft~~~ Another because I have been looking for doggy plushies :) 

See my cutie~

Anddd that was it! Oh how I wish there were more! Though we did spent a good one and a half hour in there LOL


We were starving after that, me only had Porky for breakie because I was rushing out and my adventure kaki only had a box of milk wtf. Because we spotted a  palm-sized crab that reminded us of soft shell crab, we decided to go for Japanese hahahahah.

I recommended Yuzu, a place I had been a few years ago and love their bento set so much because the food is amazing and its generous portion so worth the price! Ben thought he could just go with a simple, small set but it came with so many sides which was not shown in the menu hahahaha

This was Ben's bento _ Salmon Bento RM37 or RM39 I don't remember.

Mine, Yuzu Bento for about RM50

I only remembered I ordered the similar set the first time I went to Yuzu when the bento arrived and everything was just how I remembered it. The food are just as how I remembered them too, so yummy and the quality unchanged. I still love them very much! Will highly recommend this place. We were so stuffed OMG, so much that I didn't feel hungry until late evening.

That same day, I got my hair dyed mermaid color, it was not what I planned. Tell you how that happened in my next post!

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