Wednesday 21 December 2016

Getting ready for Christmas at work!

It's a few days to Chrismas guysss!!

And I just set up my mini Christmas trees in my office cubicle hahahaha. Yeah, this post is solely to brag about my trees~ Nah, I'm a bit tied up with work to write a longer post..

Anyway, this is my first time decorating Christmas trees and that was so much fun, no wonder people love Christmas so much~ Aside from Santa and presents and the holidays LOL. Boy, now do I wish I have a bigger tree so that I can enjoy the process of decorating and buy more pretty ornaments, ribbons plus lights!

Here are my trees _ one classic Christmas tree in pink-gold while another Tiffany-color blue-silver theme.

Bought my trees and ornaments from Typo because last weekend they were having last minute Christmas sales. Got everything for less than RM50, super worth it!!

Hipster Santa ornaments hahaha

They have others like the Panda set and another Mermaid & Sea shells set. Wanted the latter though the mermaids look creepy so I ended up not buying. Too bad the ball ornaments in other colors were sold off I only have the blue and pink ones. Oh well, next time a bigger tree and more ornaments!

~ ~

Dinner today is early Chrismas celebration among my teammates and each one of us became Secret Santa and bought prezzies for our colleagues.

See all the presents~!

Had dinner before the presents were distributed among ourselves.

MY prezzie is this bar of dark chocolate. Just omnomnom-ed it and OMG I super love it!! Super thankful to my Secret Santa. It's so secret I haven't figure out who LOL

That's it guys for today! Will try to post more this weekend. It's already 21st December and I still have a few posts to upload, goodness!

Anyway,  I super hope you guys have your trees decorated and a super duper happy holidays! Have a blast! See ya all in a bit~

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