Sunday 11 December 2016

Wedding of a long-time friend

Hello, people~! 

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging for a while but I have a new portfolio and the whole transitioning plus trying to figure out the blanks on my own has got my occupied. Obviously, work comes first but boy do I miss writing! :/

Anyway, I just got back from home sweet home yesterday evening from home sweet home from attending of a friend who I have known since high school. Ok, I didn't know him then yet but we happened to be in the same uni and that was how I found out. Yes, I'm that unsociable bug.

Feeling super happy for him now that he's found the love of his life. Congratulations, Semuel! 

Malaysian Chinese wedding dinner

Unfortunately, we could not get a chance to speak to him during his wedding _ having not met him in 2 years myself, and close to a decade for my high school mates! _ as he was at his own table. Later busy going from table to table to do the "Yum Seng". Chinese for "Bottoms Up". I don't know how to put it in words but from what I found in the internet, 'a Cantonese term that literally means “drink to victory," is usually practiced in wedding celebrations to congratulate the groom for marrying his beloved woman.' 
 Here's how it was done in the wedding

The couple went from table to table and repeated the customary cheer. Usually the younger generations cheered the loudest, much more if the group is a close friend to the groom or bride LOL

 Since it's a Chinese-style wedding, 8-course meals were served. (Forgot to take one pic and some of the pic are blurry cause I was trying to snap quickly LOL)


In between the waitress helped topped up our glasses with wine to the annoyance of my friends who had to keep their heads clear to drive back hahahaha. I didn't have to bother because my another high school mate and neighbor gave me a ride. Lucky~ hehehehe. 

Tho, a curious question, can you actually get drunk with wine? Never actually tried it but the dudes were totally trying to avoid drinking at all cost.

Me in the wedding dinner while waiting for the next dish to be serve. 

at a Malaysian Chinese wedding dinner

Yes, I wore the same dress in the last wedding I attend too :D Love this dress tons! And yes, my friend was photobombing me #noedit

When it comes to Chinese dinner, there are a lot of waiting involved so much that a dinner can dragged for 3 to 4 hours. Though the hired musician and singers plus all the catching up amidst the loud music helped filled the waiting, which was not too bad. There was even time to discuss on my upcoming get together :D 

But oh, I do need to highlight the awesome singers and musician. The groom and bride choice of songs that night was awesome _ oldies which many of us 90s kids and most importantly, older relatives could relate too. A lot of my friends agree that catering to the latter is important, and I got to vouch this is such a splendid idea. Well, in case you're looking for inspiration for your Chinese wedding. I got a few more ideas, if you want to know, ask me in the comment box below hahaha

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