Monday 12 December 2016

Celebrating Jia's birthday at Pattisez, Bangsar

Last weekend, we had a get-together among my travel buddies. As we are drawing to the end of December, it will mark our  6 month together. I'm pretty proud of putting this bunch of people together and super pleased that everyone made their effort to get to know each other. I REALL-LY am *tears of joy*


This get-together was also a surprise birthday party for Jia. Though she was so potato (Hokkien "Hanchu" which translate to 1) potato or 2) someone clueless _referring to 2) here) to the extend that even while we were singing her Happy Birthday, she didn't know it was for her... Damn potato-lah.

I suggested Patissez as I have been wanting to try their Freak Shake, their milkshake famous for being serve in a mason jar with creative toppings of pretzels or cake and whipped cream. Or simply Calorie Bomb #TrueAF

What I forgot to check out was what are in their menu. Had a bit difficulty deciding from the lack of choice and because they were pricey.

Ended up with Big Breakfast for myself. All was good except the mushrooms, which my friend and I agree that they tasted bad..

I don't remember what my friend's platter are called, so pictures should suffice..  ( ^ o ^;;)

Ben couldn't finish his sweet potato fries (I love this!), so he offered it to us. Tasted awesome with the spicy sauce, combination of mayo and sriracha.

this is one calorie bomb!

I think this Freak Shake tasted good but they proof too sweet for my liking despite my love for sweets and cakes. My friends have lots of praise for Freak Shake, so definitely a recommendation for you people with sweeter tooth than me LOL

Overall, I think service-wise and the food was satisfactory among my friends, so yayyy! The nay side would be the price and how limited the choices are though the latter is pretty common-lah with cafes.

My verdict? You go try that Freak Shake-lah.

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