Friday 16 December 2016

Balik Kampung Food Post

Balik kampung is Malay for "to return to your hometown" and for my mom, that meant the opportunity of stuffing me with tons of food ( =____=;) My parents kept asking if I am eating enough, even though I'm pretty sure my love for food and age have made losing weight quite a feat hahahaha #AsianParents #loveyouguyssomuchy

Which brings me to posting what I was fed ate the short weekend I was back. Mom was complaining I came back to short else she would "bring me around for more food". Wasn't too sure if that should make me feel bad or relieve...

If you don't believe me, see what we ordered for dinner the first evening I was back.
balik kampung food post

Mind you, these are a lot for three! What's more, I ended up eating most of it cause they're too full...

Food was good, we went to one of our family's favorite restaurant and ordered salted chicken à la Ipoh-style which was nicely cooked _ succulent and soft.

Then, this salted egg fried lotus root. Salivating just thinking about it.

Curry wild boar with not-cooked-enough beans but curry was good.

And sliced, steamed fish.

Later back home, drank ginger tea _ my favorite drink this year. Mom had made it earlier using ginger, longan and rock sugar. So-o-o good. Mental note to self to try making bachelorette-size ones. 

Plus, I omnomnom-ed keropok or crackers which my parents bought from Terengganu (in white container).

Mom fried some more after I nomnom-ed all of it (//____//) 

The frying process is very interesting, check it out!


 Day 2 I woked up at 9.30AM, missing my chance to go eat Dim Sum but parents bought me pau. Later, lunch was at one of our favorite food court and you bet, we ordered a little bit of everything.

Black vineger pork, curry fish and blanched vege topped with fried garlic and soy sauce. Never tried this stall before but boy, they're good. And all for RM20, a price you probably can't get in Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from that, we had crispy on the outside and succulent in the inside roast duck goodness. Omnomnomnom everything happily but full!

Did I mentioned there was cendol aka shaved iced as well? ( =___=!)  Yeah, welcome to Malaysia, the country with tons of yummy food and people who knows how to enjoy them twenty four seven.

I attended a wedding dinner that day so go check my previous post if you wanna know what Chinese's 8-course wedding dishes look like.

Fast forward to day 3 breakie before I leave for KL. Had porridge and tons of pau cause aha, aha I like it! Also had fried dumpling stuffed with salted pork filling.

Told you there were lotsa pau-s!

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