Thursday 11 October 2012

Tamagohada AHA+BHA Facial Cleanser Review

OMG! Realized I haven't been blogging for a while... I've been reminding myself to write this review post for weeeeks!! Initially, I've planned to post this review it at the end of last month, which is exactly 4 weeks after I tried and tested this new HadaLabo cleanser but I've kinda busy having my hands on other stuff (,≥A≤,)

Anyway, here's HadaLabo's AHA/BHA range cleanser which I'll be reviewing today:

[caption id="attachment_2736" align="aligncenter" width="491"] HadaLabo AHA+BHA range Cleanser[/caption]

About 2 months or so ago, a friend and blogger, Sarah suggested I write a review on HadaLabo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion which basically acts as a moisturizing toner.

[caption id="attachment_2742" align="aligncenter" width="248"] HadaLabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion[/caption]

I contemplated for a while, debating with my inner self whether or not to get the lotion. Then I remembered I still have 3 other toners and 1 moisturizer not to mention having thrown a couple more away then when I was spring cleaning last month ||(,=A=,'')||

[caption id="attachment_2738" align="aligncenter" width="369"] all my other toners & moisturizer[/caption]

I didn't get the lotion. Still I'll be KIV-ing it and for now, decided to give the cleanser a go first. I couldn't resist the eggggquisite promise for smoother looking skin! So I got this cleanser from Watsons' for 15% off it's usual price at RM31.90.

This TamagoHada range, directly translates to "egg skin", comes in two different choices_cream or foam.

[caption id="attachment_2741" align="aligncenter" width="232"] HadaLabo AHA+BHA Foam Cleanser[/caption]

I opted for the one in tube since it'll be a better choice of traveling companion.

Even the creamy texture looks egg-yliscious~!

What I really LOVE about this cleanser? My pores look smaller in EVERY wash!! No kidding. It exfoliates thoroughly but isnt't too harsh for the skin. After 4 weeks, the difference is much noticeable. My scars appear more even and even the pores are tightening up~! What is this sorcery?!(OoO/)

On the other hand, I find it can be really drying to the skin which probably contributed to the breakouts I've been getting every now and then.

My rating:


I actually would prefer to stick with the Ace Neogence range of skincare but I really hope to see a smoother result by the end of this month so I got myself a second tube though I'll be using this alternatively with ACE Neogence cleanser to prevent my skin from drying too much♡ Oooh, and I'm making a mental note to get my hands on the HadaLabo Moisturizing toner after I finish the Nano White toner~


  1. This is awesome!!! Thank you so much for spending the time (and money!) just to fulfil my wishes!! Hehe. xD

    Yes, I think you should use both the cleanser AND the moisturiser/lotion.
    Don't forget to apply sunblock when you're going out!
    According to what I've learned, AHA and BHA are agents that exfoliate your stratum corneum. Your face looks smoother because of this (new skin emerged after the previous one had been shed off! hehe) and so to protect this new baby, eggy skin, you need to apply sunblock! And to hydrate it of course. :)

    While the cleanser could be a tad bit 'drying', my theory would be that the lotion (from the same range) is the best lotion to moisturize your skin, probably because it contains higher level of 'moisturizing effect' as compared to the other lotions. Hehe.

    All the best for the lotion! I think I'm going to give both of them a try to! :D

  2. Thanks Sarah~!v(^o^)v That was no problem lah

    oooooooh(,OoO,) dat explains y we need to use the sunblock. the instructions on the tube got me thinking for a while. thanks for sharing~!!

    and yessie, definitely gotta need to use the lotion or substitute with any equally super hydrating toner+lotion~

    thanks again! definitely cant wait to finish mah toners so i can get the HadaLabo one! all da best to you too~! towards eggquisite skin!! (^O^/)


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