Saturday 13 October 2012

skip the salon!

Heya~! I cut my bangs! (^O^/)

What do you think? Decided to give my bangs a lil' snipping since they've grown way-y-y past my brows and were already covering my eyes. The past few days I had to sweep them sideways to get it outta my view. But I didn't want side bangs since I've been wearing that style forever!!

I always wanted the "triangle bangs" like all the Japanese models and gals have! So yeah, I'm gonna keep it like that until I find something better to do with my bangs (V^v^,)

Hmmm... I wanna try braiding my bangs sideways. I should leave this for some other day~

So yeah, I cut my own bangs and this isn't my first time doing it. Back in the uni days, sometimes it gets so busy, I didn't bother to get myself haircuts. Too much hassle to travel all the way to go to my usual salon so sometimes I don't visit the salon for 3-4 months. Thus, having to resort to chopping off my own bangs.

OK, this idea might sound really weird to some of you girls, but it's actually kinda cool 'cuz Japanese models do this too! Like Tsubasa or Marimo(I think its her!) and many other models~! They're even some tutorials in gals fashion mags!

Super duper easy way to cut your bangs! Here's how I did mine with just a pair of scissors and a comb~


Split bangs into two parts and hold the upper part with a pin.


Snip bangs to desire length, I choose to keep my bangs at below eyebrows length, holding the scissors VERTICALLY. Not sideways or you'll end up having really obvious uneven cuts... They might even end up shorter than you want too.

Happened to me once(,TOT,) I wanted to hide in my room and not go out until the bangs grow out again... fml then.

Anyway, snip until you get the bottom part a somewhat even cut then unpin the upper part of the bangs and do just the same! *snip* *snip* *snip*


Now here's how to get a more tidy look. Snip off only the strands that are either too long or made the bangs looked uneven this time holding the scissors HORIZONTALLY. Try not to over-cut them!

And walahh~~ you're done!((( (^O^)/ )))

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  1. I cut my bangs and hair too! It's been like 2 years since I stepped in a hairdresser's... heheh~


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