Sunday 30 September 2012

Happy Mid Autumn!!

The mid autumn festival is here and there're lantern festivals everywhere!! Gahhh! I want to play with 'tanglung' too but nobody to accompany:(  I saw a couple of cute Rilakkuma-designed paper lanterns on sale in Tesco. So tempted to get them!

This year I got the chance to try so many different mooncakes. After my last mooncake 'adventure'(see my previous mooncakes post), mom bought some more. This time, they're the mini mooncakes in red bean and my favorite durian flavor. They're about 1/4 of the large mooncakes and are very much cheaper, only RM1 per mooncake! But that's cuz they don't have any yolk in the middle lah~

mini, homemade durian & red bean mooncakes

Then dad got some more from his friend as a gift early this week, so err... more mooncakes?


Da box~ Simple oni~~

The content_super colorful, fruit jelly mooncakes~!

so, very colorful~!!♡
dragon fruit flavored mooncake~

They've even made it such that it has a center of a different color to replace the salted yolk. Awesomeness~!

corn flavored

pandan and red bean flavor!

This one got a pretty color combination though I didn't quite get what flavor is this...

errrr....maybe lychee flavor?

And that didn't end there. Sis came bek over the weekend and brought moarrrrr mooncakes from Bakers' Cottage

(*v*/) MOARRRRR!!

more mooncakes from sistah

One of da mooncake flavor which we(sis not included) finished it just nao_TIRAMISU!!

♡♡tiramisu♡♡ coffee lover anyone?

Spent the weekend celebrating mah belated birthday with parents and sis. Just a small family affair ♥ Here's mah cake. Nothing too fancy but nice enuf. At least I got my cakeyy (^v^/)

hepi birthday to me. and to the other older half.

Dad and sis were singing an unsynchronous Happy Birthday song and I shamelessly sing along, replacing the 'you' with a 'me'. Or rather a super loud, endless 'MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~'. Soprano fail.

hepi birthdayy to us~~

Too bad the older twin wasn't home to celebrate so I posted up the pic on his fb page with a note "make a wish". LOLOL. He wants to celebrate our 23rd birthday next year with "candles on an okonomiyaki". Wutdafuq.


  1. It was ages ago since I ate mooncake, didn't know it comes with this many colors and flavors. Great post!

  2. The Tiramisu one looks... :Q____ *Drools*

  3. Thanks a lot~! Truly appreciate that v(^v^,)


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