Saturday 20 October 2012

Makeup remover as brush cleanser

Decided to wash my makeup brushes yesterday. I haven't got it washed for months and they're all dirty and gross... I so-o don't want to imagine how many trillions of bacterias are happily building up in them by now...Eeek!!

I've read a couple of how-tos and find that it's advisable to clean your brush at once in every 2 weeks if not weekly, especially so if you use them very often. I don't use my brushes often but they haven't been cleaned since my last cosplay event. During which, I had practised putting on my makeups weeks prior to the event so they're covered in loads of foundations, powders, lip stick stains blahblahblah. And I put them all together in my brush bag so everything's just so mess up (,≥A≤,)

I tried cleaning with soap/shampoo like instructed in most beauty blogs I read but they do not help getting rid of the makeup AT ALL! So I decided to clean the brushed using my makeup remover.

Remember my Biore Cleansing Oil? I didn't really use it much after it almost blinded my poor eyes on occasions when I desperately needed to get rid of stubborn eye makeups. Finally it's of some good use besides acting as a awesome substitute for pepper spray.

So here's how I clean them: I pumped some of the cleansing oil onto the palm of my hand and start swirling the brushes.

It isn't very clear from the photo, but you can see the oil turn a slightly reddish-brown murky tone. That's the foundation/eye-shadow being washed off.

After that, I let the bristles under cold running tap before soaking to get the rest of the cleansing oil off the brushes. You can observe from the photo below that the cleansing oil turns milky when they come in contact with water. So just continue rinsing the brushes in the pail until they're clean. I do this 6-7 times for OCD reason.

I did a lil' extra cleaning here by soaking the brush for a minute in soap water before rinsing them with clean water.

You can squish the thicker bristles brushes gently or blot them on dry napkins before laying them out to dry for a couple of hours. Don't forget to dry the handles of the brushes! You don't want them damage.

I even got the brush bag and puff cleaned so they're clean as new and ready to use v(^v^v)~♥

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