Sunday 28 October 2012

hauls from Penang~

Went shopping yesterday with parents at 1st Avenue-Perangin Mall-Komtar. It's Penang's version of Bukit Bintang where you can find several shopping complexes located close together within walking distance except that these malls in Penang are linked together by bridges.

Walked the entire day my legs hurt so much when I got back yesterday... (,≥A≤,)

There isn't as much boutiques here in Penang compared to KL so there weren't much choices. I'm too fussy... Ended up only found one casual dress I like~♥

Nice or not? LOL. Vain me.

Oh, and I got this recently too from Vince&Co. They're so cute.

Was reading through Popteen the other day and found these relly awesome autumn fukubukuro~! ZOMG. I'm loving Ank Rouge, Miel and Min Plume's lucky bag!!

All the outfits are very cute~ Wish I can have them all!!(((o(≥v≤)o))

Seen anything you like? ,(^v^,)

Anyway, I'm gonna have a 'Pre-loved items Sale" coming up on my next post. Want to get rid of clothes I haven't and probably wouldn't wear anymore:S Till then~!

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