Wednesday 5 September 2012

Summer obsession: Sewing

Yessie. Sewing! I got myself a tutor to teach me fashion design during summer right after my last semester in uni. Weeheeee~ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I've actually started at the end of my first sem but my tutor and I decided to postpone the classes until summer.

And for 2 months, I was doing fashion design crash course for 2 days a week and took up a part time that allows me to work only 3 days a week and spent my weekends doing my assignments.

So, I was taught mostly the basic stuff_drawing, sewing, putting the pieces together, etc. which was kinda nice. I got to make dresses, blouses and a pair of shorts plus a skirt that didn't quite pull off. It looked more like a lamp cover. fml. And during the last few classes, I get to play around with different designs using the mannequin. See what I made in my last assignment ,(^v^)v

assignment from my last class

Draping exam though my tutor helped me a lot (,>.<,)

My project this week♡♡ Was putting the pieces together yesterday evening.

mah design~

Amended it a lil' bit more last night before I went to bed~

after a lil' more adjustment

Scribbled on it. LOLOL. And I'm a lil' impatient to style already so I added a belt there. WTH. Will try to finish the prototype later so I can start working on the real thing and then some other designs (^v^/)

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